England v Australia World Cup Rugby

England Lose Again

E ngland play Australia this evening, 8.00pm UK time. It's a must win game for England, but England will lose. Australia will thump England. England will be dumped out the competition. Home advantage will not play an important part in the game. It's simple. England are not good enough.

England have good players, but lack a World Class coach. Lancaster is not up to the job of producing a World Cup winning team. He's not capable of winning anything. Since Lancaster became coach, England have been runners-up or lower, in every competition in which they competed.

England lack 'grit', resolve, and the killer instinct. Australia, Wales, and New Zealand rugby teams have it in spades.

Lancaster lacks 'grit', resolve, and the killer instinct. Look at his face during and at the end of a game. If you don't know despondent, look at Lancaster for clarification.

England's football team, they too, lack this essential quality for winning. Mental toughness is the difference between winning or not. Psychological toughness is a more accurate label, as its not about thinking your way through difficulties. We seem to lack that quality in most competitive world sports.

The German football team have it. England do not.

Tomorrow morning the newspapers will be full of excuses as to why we did not win.

It's hard to understand how Lancaster, a totally unproven coach was handed the England job, and his contract runs to 2020.

Yeah, forget about England winning the next world cup, it won't happen. Unless Lancaster is firmly shown the exit.