Why Is Modern Art So Bad?

Why Is This Guy So Right?

A n interesting perspective, by Robert Florczak of Prager University, on the decline in standards on what is purported to be, and often passed off as art. He's right!

Reading the comments below the video on YouTube, there's a lot of disagreement with Florczak. Why? Being confrontational, daring, counter-culture, or polemical does not make for great 'Art'. Its okay to like modern art, but to hold it up for close inspection, reveals the paucity of profundity, quality, refinement and inspiration.

Tracey Emins "Bed". Is it art? Some think so, and willingly pay millions. £2.2 millions ($3,379,860) to be precise. Its expressive. But is it great Art?

As with all forms, there is a high and a low, a good and a poor, a better and a worse. Guess where much modern art sits.