Why I'm Not Vegan Anymore - Alexandra Jamieson

Ex-Vegan Gets Death Threats When She Eats Meat

V eganism is not just a dietary choice, its a political movement and a pseudo-religion dressed up as a fashion statement. Once you become vegan, your in deep, and cannot easily escape.

Alexandra Jamieson a renown vegan icon, proponent, author, advocate and spokesperson on all things vegan, has come out, and declared her love of meat. You have to admire her honesty. As an iconic vegan, she has written 3 books on the vegan diet and lifestyle, yet she says she felt the need to eat meat. Many vegans view it as a betrayal.

You may remember her as Morgan Spurlocks girlfriend in "Supersize Me". After his month-long blow-out on McDonalds products, she put him on a "vegan detox", to get him back to health.

In the video interview below, she explains how she desperately felt the need to eat meat. Her body craved meat. So, what do ya do when your body demands something? You give in.

When she came out and declared on her blog, she was vegan no more, she received nasty comments and death threats. We know vegans love all living things and would never harm them, but it seems they'll make an exception for apostasy.

Her buddy asks her, "What's the difference with you craving meat, and me craving sugar donuts?" Her answer: "Me eating meat is my body craving nutrient balance and deficiency. Your carving junk food, and one hour after eating you feel shit. I on the other hand feel great."

She's almost got it, but not quite. Its cos one is eating meat with zero carbs. The other is eating all carbs. That's the difference, but they haven't worked that one out yet.

Anyhow, she's seen the light, and turned to the dark side.