Exercise / Muscles

Exercise And Primary Muscle Worked

I t is important to work major muscles equally to achieve overall balance.

Muscle groups should be worked in pairs.

  • Quads - Hamstrings
  • Upper Back - Chest
  • Shoulders - Neck
  • Lower Back - Abs
  • Triceps - Biceps


Exercise Muscle
Leg Extension Hamstrings
Leg Curl Quadriceps
Leg Press  Quadriceps
Calf Raise Gastrocnemius
Hip Abduction Hip Abductors
Hip Adduction Hip Adductors

Chin Up Latissimus Dorsi
Pullover Latissimus Dorsi
Pulldown Front Latissimus Dorsi
Lever Seated Row Traps, Lats, Rhoms

Pec Fly Pectoralis Major
Chest Press Pectoralis Major

Lateral Raise Deltoid Lateral
Shoulder Press Deltoid Anterior

Triceps Dip Triceps Brachii
Cable Pushdown Triceps Brachii
Lever Triceps Dip Triceps Brachii

Lever Preacher Curl Brachialis
Dumbbell Curl Biceps Brachii
Lever Curl Biceps Brachii

Lever Back Extension Erector Spinae
Lever Seated Crunch Rectus Abdominis

Free Weights

Exercises Muscles
Squat Gluteus Maximus
Bench Press Pectoralis Major
Barbell Deadlift  Erector Spinae
Bent Over Row Traps, Lats, Rhoms
Overhead Press Deltoid, Anterior