Project Total Conditioning - Exercises

Exercises Used In 'Project Total Conditioning'

I n 1975, Nautilus Sports Industries undertook an important exercise project, enlisting the help of the United States Military Academy at West Point, NY. The project was overseen by Colonel James Anderson. The purpose was to test and gauge the benefits of high-intensity training using Nautilus Exercise machines.

The exercises used in the project are listed below:

Leg Extension Compound Leg Quads
Leg Press Compound Leg Quads, Hams, Glutes
Squat Leg And Back Quads, Hams, Glutes
Hip And Back Hip And Back Quads, Glutes, Erector.
Leg Curl Leg Curl Hamstrings
Pullover Pullover Latissimus Dorsi
Bench Press Omni Bench Pecs, Triceps
Chins Multi-Exercise Lats, Biceps
Dips Multi-Exercise Pecs, Triceps
Torso Arm Pulldown Torso Arm Lats, Delts

Seated Press Duo Shoulder Delts, Triceps
Double Chest Double Chest Pecs, Triceps
Decline Press Double Chest Pecs, Triceps
Biceps Curl  Duo Poly Biceps
Triceps Curl Duo Poly Triceps
Neck Extension 4-Way Neck  Splenius
Neck Flexion 4-Way Neck Sternocleidomastoid
Bi-Lateral Neck Flexion 4-Way Neck Sternocleidomastoid
Shoulder Shrug Neck and Shoulder Trapezius, Upper
Rotary Neck Rotary Neck Splenius