Muscles - Largest to Smallest

Rough List

# Muscle Exercise Machine
1. Glutes Leg Press / Deadlift Hip And Back, Leg Press
2. Quads Leg Extension Leg Extension, Leg Press
3. Hams Leg Curl  Leg Curl, Leg Press
4. Calves Calf Press Calf Press / Leg Press
5. Lats Lat Pulldown / Pullover Lat Pulldown
6. Traps Shrug Barbell Shrug
7. Delts Shoulder Press Lat Raise, Shoulder Press
8. Pecs Chest Press, Pec Deck Chest Fly, Chest Press
9. Triceps Triceps Extn / Press Triceps Extn / Press
10. Biceps Biceps Curl Biceps Curl
11. Abs Ab Crunch Seated Ab Crunch
12. Neck Neck Press Neck Press