Low Carb No Carb No Food

O ne of the many benefits of going low-carbs or no-carbs, is a very stable blood sugar level. I went skating down park yesterday for 2 hours. When I got back I was hungry and ate like a horse. No carbs eaten yesterday, as I'm on a no-carb experiment for 30-days.

Last food I ate was 9pm last night. I got to bed gone midnight after watching a movie. Today, I didn't feel hungry. I guess I ate so much last evening, I'm still burning most of the fatty food. At 5pm today, I fried and ate 3 eggs, though I didn't feel hungry.

Time now is 8pm. Still no hunger pangs, and I won't eat again today. According to Fitday, my calorie consumption for the 3 eggs is 440 calories. Weird.

I've noticed this phenomenon before eating low-carb. Sometimes, you go all day without food, but don't get hungry or tired. I've been low-carb for several years, and the switch to the 30-day meat / no-carb experiment, has been effortless. I've had no problems at all. It'll be interesting to see how I feel at the end of 30-days.

One thing I have noticed, my desire for sugar or carbs has dwindled, and my desire for fats has increased. I've never considered a fat-food lover, so this is weird.