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To Stretch Or Not Stretch?

Does Stretching Help?

F lexibility is important for both athletes and for the general population. Flexibility is defined as the ability to move through a specific joint range of motion (ROM). Stretching is commonly used to help individuals achieve greater joint ROM. But how does stretching achieve these increases in ROM? Researchers have proposed two types of mechanism by which increases in flexibility can be achieved, either by stretching or through other methods. One type of mechanism involves a mechanical change in the behavior of the muscle tissue while the other type involves a change in sensation. In this article, Chris Beardsley (@SandCResearch) covers a review paper that explores the evidence for each type of theory.

Gluten, Gliadin, Leaky Gut And Intestine Damage


L ittle is known about the interaction of gliadin with intestinal epithelial cells and the mechanism(s) through which gliadin crosses the intestinal epithelial barrier. We investigated whether gliadin has any immediate effect on zonulin release and signaling.


Both ex vivo human small intestines and intestinal cell monolayers were exposed to gliadin, and zonulin release and changes in paracellular permeability were monitored in the presence and absence of zonulin antagonism. Zonulin binding, cytoskeletal rearrangement, and zonula occludens-1 (ZO-1) redistribution were evaluated by immunofluorescence microscopy. Tight junction occludin and ZO-1 gene expression was evaluated by real-time polymerase chain reaction (PCR).

Nautilus Cam Design

Nautilus Cam

Casey Viator - Nautilus Marketing Video

Casey Viator Marketing Effort

Answers a few questions on why Nautilus is superior to free weights.

Casey Viator - Hip & Back / Neck & Shoulder

Full Range Exercise

Casey Viator demonstrates the Nautilus Hip & Back and the Nautilus Neck & Shoulder machines.

Casey Viator - Nautilus Pullover

Full Range Exercise

Casey Viator demonstrates the Nautilus Pullover machine which works the Latissimus Dorsi upper back muscles.

Ketogenic Diets And Physical Performance

Ketogenic Diets And Physical Performance - Review
Stephen D Phinney

Correspondence: Stephen D Phinney

Author Affiliations
6108 Boothbay Court, Elk Grove, CA 95758, United States of America

Nutrition & Metabolism 2004, 1:2  doi:10.1186/1743-7075-1-2
The electronic version of this article is the complete one and can be found online at:

Received: 29 July 2004
Accepted: 17 August 2004
Published: 17 August 2004

© 2004 Phinney; licensee BioMed Central Ltd. 
This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License (, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.


Impaired physical performance is a common but not obligate result of a low carbohydrate diet. Lessons from traditional Inuit culture indicate that time for adaptation, optimized sodium and potassium nutriture, and constraint of protein to 15–25 % of daily energy expenditure allow unimpaired endurance performance despite nutritional ketosis.


In the opinion of most physicians and nutrition scientists, carbohydrate must constitute a major component of one's daily energy intake if optimum physical performance is to be maintained [1]. This consensus view is based upon a long list of published studies performed over the last century that links muscle glycogen stores to high intensity exercise. It has also been reinforced by the clinical experience of many physicians, whose patients following low carbohydrate formula or food diets frequently complain of lightheadedness, weakness, and ease of fatigue.

The Epigenome at a Glance - Video

If you had doubts about diet, exercise, lifestyle and how they affect your genes / gene expression / epigenetics, maybe this video will help clarify.

Epigenetics work to switch on and off genes, dependent on external and internal influencing factors.

Watch the video.

Building Strength And Stamina - Book

I Am Reading

Building Strength And Stamina By Wayne Westcott

H.I.T. strength training by Wayne Westcott. Features Nautilus fitness equipment, training methods. Explains exercise / machine correct technique to build strength and prevent injury.

Building Strength And Stamina - Book

I Am Reading

Building Strength And Stamina By Wayne Westcott

H.I.T. strength and endurance training, with 3-month workout routines, detailed explanation of exercises and variations. Westcott also explains how to handle plateaus, if and when you hit them. He provides a variety of routines to help strength gains.

If you're into High Intensity Training, you may get something from the book.

Strength Training Methods And The Work Of Arthur Jones

Journal of Exercise Physiology Online

Official Journal of the American
Society of Exercise Physiologists (ASEP)

ISSN 1097-9751
An International Electronic Journal
Volume 7 Number 6 December 2004




University College Chester, University of Liverpool


This paper reviews research evidence relating to the strength training advice offered by Arthur Jones, founder and retired Chairman of Nautilus Sports/Medical Industries and MedX Corporation. Jones advocated that those interested in improving their muscular size, strength, power and/or endurance should perform one set of each exercise to muscular failure (volitional fatigue), train each muscle group no more than once (or, in some cases, twice) per week, perform each exercise in a slow, controlled manner and perform a moderate number of repetitions (for most people, ~8-12). This advice is very different to the strength training guidelines offered by the National Strength and Conditioning Association, the American College of Sports Medicine and most exercise physiology textbooks. However, in contrast to the lack of scientific support for most of the recommendations made by such bodies and in such books, Jones’ training advice is strongly supported by the peer-reviewed scientific literature, a statement that has recently been supported by a review of American College of Sports Medicine resistance training guidelines.

Therefore, we strongly recommend Jones’ methods to athletes and coaches, as they are time-efficient and optimally efficacious, and note that, given his considerable contribution to the field of strength training, academic recognition of this contribution is long overdue.

Carbohydrate Avoidance

Macronutrients, caveman diets, metabolic syndrome and all that.

Dr Richard David Feinman talks carbs.

How to Swear Like a Brit - Video

A Guide For Americans

Do it right.

The Path Of Most Resistance - Book

I Am Reading

The Path Of Most Resistance By John Turner

H.I.T. covered by one of its long-time proponents, John Turner, who explains the workings of Nautilus Exercise Machines, how the cams affect workouts, intensity, stress, why nautilus is superior and the imperative to train to failure. The book has many anecdotes and tales of Arthur Jones.

The book's not available from Amazon UK, I ordered a copy from the US.

If you're a H.I.T. fan, go get it.

There's No Such Thing as Cardio - Video

James Steele II

Explains why cardio exercise is a misnomer.

Talk runs 60 mins.

The Hunted - Movie

The Hunted (2003)

A chase movie with Tommy Lee Jones as the hunter, and Benicio Del Toro as the hunted. The movie got a rating of 6.0, which is too low for this well directed and acted flick.

Give it a go

Name: The Hunted
Year: 2003
Director: William Friedkin
Stars: Tommy Lee Jones, Benicio Del Toro, Connie Nielsen
Genre: Action, Crime, Drama
Runtime: 94 min
Rating: 6.0 / 10

The Nautilus Bodybuilding Book

I Am Reading

T he Nautilus Bodybuilding Book by Ellington Darden Ph.D.
As the title suggests, the books focuses on bodybuilding, using H.I.T. techniques. It also includes some history of Nautilus and some of the science to back up the many claims.

Darden is an H.I.T. proponent, who spent many years working with Arthur Jones, the eccentric genius who single-handedly invented Nautilus weight training machines, and transformed the fitness industry.

The book is old, published in 1982, but the info is still valid and useful, particularly if you indulge in High Intensity Training.

You can pick up a copy quite cheap on Amazon.

Lone Star - Movie

Lone Star (1996)

M urder, corruption, greed, intrigue, in a small Texas town. The past revisited when a skeleton is discovered. One of Sayles best efforts.

Go watch it.

Name: Lone Star
Year: 1996
Director: John Sayles
Stars: Chris Cooper, Elizabeth Pena, Kris Kristofferson
Genre: DramaMysteryRomance.
Runtime: 135 min
Rating: 7.6 / 10

8mm - Movie

8mm (1999)

N ic Cage plays a private detective trying to find a girl murdered on film. Its a dark, macabre, disturbing subject, handled very well by director, Joel Schumacher. Nic Cage gives a restrained performance. Joaquin Phoenix, James Gandolfini also star. Contains some gruesome scenes.

Give it a shot.

Name: 8mm
Year: 1999
Director: Joel Schumacher
Stars: Nicolas Cage, Joaquin Phoenix, James Gandolfini.
Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery
Runtime: 123 min
Rating: 6.5 / 10

Heat Fit Alkali Skates - Video

How To Bake Your Alkali Hockey Skates in '9 Minutes'

Its a breeze. You'll need:

- A pretty young female assistant
- A small oven
- Alkali Skates

The Pledge - Movie

The Pledge (2001)

S ean Penn does a pretty good job directing this low key crime drama. Jack Nicholson plays a retired cop looking for a child serial killer, set in rural northwest Nevada. Slow paced but very watchable.

Give it a shot.

Name: The Pledge
Director: Sean Penn
Year: 2001
Stars: Jack Nicholson, Robin Wright.
Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery
Runtime: 124 min
Rating: 6.8 / 10

Dr Peter Attia On Supplements

D r Peter Attia, explians which supplements he takes and why. He talks down the use of multi-vitamins and talks up the use of quality fish oil.

Very shot video. Run time: 5 mins.

The Weather Man

A fine performance from Nic Cage, in this under-rated movie. Directed by Gore Verbinsky, who also directed Pirates of The Caribbean. Movie looks at the sometimes inevitable conflict between work and domestic life and the cost we have to pay. Michael Caine also stars, and produces an unbelievably poor American accent for the part.

Be warned. There's a lot of strong/bad language in the movie. Not for the easily offended.

Go watch it.

Name: The Weather Man
Year: 2005
Director: Gore Verbinski
Stars: Nicolas Cage, Hope Davis, Michael Caine.
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Runtime: 102 min
Rating: 6.7 / 10

Punch-Drunk Love - Movie

Punch-Drunk Love (2002)

A dam Sandler's best performance to date. He is absolutely brilliant, and incredibly funny, as a troubled, hapless, business man with love, life and sibling difficulties. Offbeat movie, similar to Inherent Vice.


Go watch it.

Name: Punch-Drunk Love
Year: 2002
Director: Paul Thomas Anderson
Stars: Adam Sandler, Emily Watson, Philip Seymour Hoffman.
Genre: ComedyDrama, Romance
Runtime: 95 min
Rating: 7.3 / 10

Low Carb No Carb No Food

O ne of the many benefits of going low-carbs or no-carbs, is a very stable blood sugar level. I went skating down park yesterday for 2 hours. When I got back I was hungry and ate like a horse. No carbs eaten yesterday, as I'm on a no-carb experiment for 30-days.

Last food I ate was 9pm last night. I got to bed gone midnight after watching a movie. Today, I didn't feel hungry. I guess I ate so much last evening, I'm still burning most of the fatty food. At 5pm today, I fried and ate 3 eggs, though I didn't feel hungry.

Time now is 8pm. Still no hunger pangs, and I won't eat again today. According to Fitday, my calorie consumption for the 3 eggs is 440 calories. Weird.

Little Children - Movie

Little Children

E xcellent film. Brilliant directing. Brilliant acting (from the whole cast). Tight script. A great observational piece.
Go watch it.

Name: Little Children
Year: 2006
Director: Todd Field
Stars: Kate Winslet, Jennifer Connelly, Patrick Wilson
Genre: Drama, Romance
Runtime: 136 min
Rating: 7.6 / 10

The Cunningham Equation

Basal Metabolic Rate

T  he Cunningham equation is method of calculating Basal Metabolic Rate. Its an accurate method used by athletes, but difficult to calculate correctly as you need your body fat percentage and muscle mass. The Harris-Benedict is another method, slightly less accurate but fine for moderately active people.

Step #1 Determine Resting Metabolic Rate

Sample trainee is 200 lbs at 5% bodyfat, so 0.05 equals 5% bodyfat

Harris-Benedict Formula

Harris-Benedict Formula

T he Harris-Benedict Formula is a pretty simple formula to calculate your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). This comes in useful if you want to calculate daily calories for any diet cutting or addition. The formula is given below and further down an example using the formula to calculate daily BMR.

Part 1

Calculate your BMR (basal metabolic rate):

Carnivore - Herbivore Comparison

In Search Of The Perfect Human Diet - Part II

Transcript From The Video - Part II

P rof. Mike Richards - Head of Archaeological Science Group
Dept of Human Evolution, Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology

Prof. Richards is an Evolutionary Anthropologist. He and his team carry out stable isotope analysis of bone collagen to determine human and animal diets and show any dietary changes.

Mike Richards:
I run a group in a field called Archaeological Science. We specialise in applying hard science techniques to anthropology and archaeology.

In Search Of The Perfect Human Diet - Part I

Transcript From The Video - Part I

O n 29th May 1978, Charles Joseph Hunt was jogging on a running track, when he suffers a heart attack. 10 days later, doctors release from the medical center with the warning he has a 50% chance of suffering another attack in the next two years.

Hunt vows to gain optimum health, initially sticking to the government low-fat, high-carb food recommendations. Following the food pyramid, he was hyperglycemic and constantly hungry.

Hunt did research, changed his diet several times, and tried cleansing fasts, macrobiotics, juicing, water fasts, master cleanse, natural hygiene food combining, and vegetarianism.

The Anabolic Diet Overview

T he Anabolic Diet is a fat burning, muscle sparing diet, designed for bodybuilders and weight training, and developed by Dr Mauro Di Pasquale. The diet works by stimulating certain hormones, which are triggered by the foods you eat and the times you eat them.

The Anabolic Diet is a high fat, high protein diet, with carb cycling. Heavily restricting carbohydrate consumption, your body is forced to use stored body-fat for energy. Carbs are eliminated, 5 days each week. The carbohydrate restriction helps control insulin levels, minimising insulin spikes and preventing any sugar crash.

Chronic Inflammation, Arthritis

D oing research on arthritis and chronic inflammation and I came across this article by Jedha Dening, Nutritionist, who has a Masters in Nutrition, Inflammation and Immunity. She explains inflammation and then offers a solution to the problem.

Spy Game

Spies And Deception

Redford and Pitt in excellent form in spy thriller directed by Tony Scott. Taught, well-scripted and brilliantly directed.

Go watch it.

Name: Spy Game
Year: 2001
Director: Tony Scott
Stars: Robert Redford, Brad Pitt.

Arthiritis, Knee Joint And Chronic Inflammation

I wrote this post several months ago and left it in draft while I did further research, and then got distracted to other things. I've been meaning to get back and finish this post for some weeks, on the topic of knee and hip joint inflammation and my on-off experience of the condition.

I injured my right knee distance running in my early 20s. The injury caused excessive wear of the cartilage in the knee joint.  At times the condition was so bad, I couldn't walk more than a few hundred yards. I gave up running and other sports all together. When I walk up stairs, you can hear the bones grind across each other.

If You Like Exercise... Chances Are You're Doing It Wrong!

Gary Bannister

I Am Reading

Thoughts to follow.

Dietary Carbohydrate Essential For Human Nutrition?

By Eric C Westman M.D.

I read with interest the article by Dewailly et al (1) regarding diet and cardiovascular disease in the Inuit of Nunavik, but I was disappointed that no information regarding macronutrient intake was presented or considered in the estimation of cardiovascular risk. The traditional Inuit diet consists primarily of protein and fat, somewhat similar to the low-carbohydrate diets promoted in popular weight-reducing diets (2). These diets have caused concern among nutritionists because of the metabolic changes and health risks associated with limited carbohydrate consumption (3). However, in exploring the risks and benefits of carbohydrate restriction, I was surprised to find little evidence that exogenous carbohydrate is needed for human function.

Dr Eric Westman - The Ketogenic Diet

Dr Westman's On The Ketogenic Diet And Its Health Benefits

Dr Westman opens his talk:

"You'll be reassured to know, you don't have to eat carbohydrates to live."

Protein Recommendations - Ellington Darden

New H.I.T Training

I n the New High Intensity Training, Dr Ellington Darden explains why you don't need a lot of protein during training to build muscle. Darden tells how he previously used 300+ grams protein each day, and came across research which convinced him, much less was needed.

What are the recommendations for daily protein consumption?

0.3-0.5 grams a day of body weight.

For average weight and condition.
Does not apply, if you are overweight.

Dr Ron Rosedale - Eating Saturated Fats

S aturated fat is a controversial topic, even for people who follow a low-carbohydrate diet. With little or no carbohydrates, fats provide most of the energy.

In his book, The Rosedale Diet, Dr Ron Rosedale suggested people switching to a low-carbohydrate diet, should use olive oil, a monousaturated fat, as their main energy source, and not saturated fat.

Dr Rosedale also recommends using coconut oil, but coconut oil is saturated fat. He'd looked into the health benefits of coconut oil. Has he changed his views on eating saturated fat?

Rodgers Out. Rafa In


A fter the blog post on why Rodgers was not good enough and should go. A Liverpool season-ticket holder sponsored a banner fly-over at Anfield, yesterday before the game against QPR. Other Liverpool supporters hold the same views.

The pilot kindly shared this selfie, to confirm his support for Rafa.

Diabetes Is Not A Disease Of Blood Sugar

Dr Ron Rosedale

A disease is never a disease of the individual part. Diabetes is not a disease of blood sugar, osteoporosis is not a disease of calcium. Heart disease is NOT a disease of cholesterol. A disease is caused not by the breakdown of the part itself, but corruption in the instructions to that part, a disruption in the unity of the whole.

Why do cells become insulin resistant?

Cells become insulin resistant because they are trying to protect themselves from the toxic effects of high insulin. They down regulate their receptor activity and number of receptors so that they don‘t have to listen to those noxious stimuli all the time. It is like having this loud, disgusting music played and you want to turn the volume down. You might think of insulin resistance as similar to sitting in a smelly room and pretty soon you don‘t smell it anymore because you get desensitized.

Insulin's Main Purpose Is To Store Excess Nutrients

Insulin's Main Purpose Is NOT To Regulate Blood Sugar

The food people eat and its affects on hormones, also affects how well our immune system works. What is it that makes leptin levels go up? What makes insulin levels go up?

Dr Ron Rosedale: Let’s talk about insulin first. Its actually a bit simpler. What we know makes insulin go up are glucose levels in the blood. When they go up, insulin goes up to store the excess, not to lower the blood sugar. That's a huge misconception not just among the public but among almost all physicians. We’re taught in medical school that the purpose of insulin is to regulate blood sugar, and that couldn't be further from the truth. The main purpose of insulin is to store excess nutrients for a future time of need. That’s even a minor purpose of insulin. We can get into the major purpose of insulin later.

Woeful Liverpool - Awful Rodgers

Brendan Rodgers Out Of His League

R odgers claimed that Tottenham, who currently sit sixth in the Premier League, should be challenging for the title after investing over £100 million in their squad.
"Look at Tottenham. If you spend more than £100 million, you expect to be challenging for the league."
"Tottenham were a team maybe looking to challenge for the league this season. They spent £100-odd million on a group that was set up to challenge."
Again in this video interview
Rodgers spent £212m on players, rebuilding the Liverpool team, and are 5th in the Premiership, with 3 games left, a possible 9 points. Zero chance of winning the title, and certainly not challenging. Liverpool are 22 points behind Chelsea (1st), 9 points behind Man City (2nd), 9 points behind Arsenal (3rd), 7 points behind Man Utd (4th).

The wisdom of Brendan Rodger's words come back to haunt him.

Loren Cordain - Anti-Nutrients In Foods

Grains And Leaky Gut

W hy do grains irritate the human gut?

CORDAIN: Grains are the seeds of a plant.  It's reproductive material, and plants don’t make their reproductive material to give away for free to animals.  If they did they’d become extinct. The evolutionary strategy that many plants, particularly cereal grains have taken to prevent predation, is to evolve toxic compounds so the predator of the seeds can’t eat them. That way, they can put their seeds in the soil where they’re meant to be, to grow a new plant and not in the gut of an animal to feed it.

We're told whole grains are especially valuable because of the vitamins and nutrients.  Why don’t you like the parts of grain that make it “whole grain?”

After The Bomb, The Cello

A mid the rubble and debris of a bomb site in Baghdad, musician Karim Wasfi sat down to play his cello to send a message to those “who consider bombs to be the only way to resolve this disagreement”.
"My message as an artist, as a conductor, also as a cellist, is that when things are abnormal we make things normal. We make things worth living for."
Karim Wasfi
Full article and video: