Thomas Seyfried's Talk On Cancer

A Metabolic Disease With Metabolic Solutions

T he whole talk is excellent, there's no doubting it, but some points of the talk are so good, I had to highlight them. I selected a few.

Link to the video on YouTube.

At 23:15 - Biomarkers of Calorie Restriction

1. Reduced Blood Glucose

2. Elevated Ketone Bodies
 - B-Hydroxybutyrate
 - Acetoacetate
 - Acetone

These are water soluble breakdown products of fat, and they are powerful energy metabolites that will allow our body to function at maximal energy efficiency. But only when the glucose goes down.

At 27:35 - Professor Thomas Seyfried's Keto Diet

As you can see from this clip the diet breakdown by percent is:
  • Carbs 3%
  • Fat 72%
  • Protein 15%
On a diet of 2,000 calories per day, in terms of calories and grams, this works out to:
  • Carbs 60 cals / 15g
  • Protein 300 cals / 75g
  • Fat 1440 cals / 160g
The numbers do not total 100%. Not sure why.

At 29:20 - Killing Tumour Cells

Now ketones, if you can get them high enough, they will absolutely kill the tumour cells, Dominic D'Agostino and I showed this, and so did several others.

They act as histone deacetylase inhibitors. This is very interesting because the pharmaceuticals industry has a big platform on developing histone deacetylase drugs to kill tumour cells. They're very toxic and very expensive. You can do the same thing if you can get your ketones high enough. But you've got to lower that blood sugar.

Now here's that plan, you get your blood sugar down, you get your ketones up and you get into this so called 'zone of metabolic management'.

At 30:30 - Curing Cancer Tumour In A Dog

A lady had read Professor Seyfried's work and decided to try it on her cancerous dog's tumour. The vet gave the dog six months to live after kemo, drugs, etc. Vet said its very expensive and your dog may not survive. If he does, he may only live six months.

She gave the dog raw meat and chicken bones. Two years later, the dog is still alive and the tumour has disappeared.

The vet is puzzled and cannot believe what happened. The vet contacts Professor Seyfried who explains the diet and its effects.

Vet: "We can't do that at our practice."

Prof Seyfried: "Why not".

Vet: "We cant give a dog raw meat."

Prof Seyfried: "What do you think they ate in the forest? Kibbles n bits?".

Some people are stupid, including vets.

At 41:00 - The Masterstroke

Ketones have many therapeutic advantages, they're not fully explored yet.

These ketones have tremendous power to manage a number of chronic diseases.

Like Alzheimers disease, Parkinsons disease, traumatic brain injury. They reduce inflammation. They provide an alternative fuel to the brain and suppress a lot of the damaging events that occur through ageing or chronic trauma, or acute trauma.

At 42:10 - Talk Conclusion

The Restricted Ketogenic Diet (R-KD) can be an effective non-toxic metabolic therapy, for managing malignant cancers in children and adults.

The therapeutic effects of the (R-KD) against cancer can be enhanced when combined with drugs or HBO2T that also target energy metabolism, "Press - Pulse" paradigm.

At 50:38 - Q&A Session

Lady asks: "Its probably an oversimplification. If you would take say, the Atkins diet, which is obviously promoting ketosis. How much different is yours? Is it basically just a whole lot less food and the same basic principle or is it something different?"

It's a little different.

The question: "Is the Atkins diet different to this?"

Everybody talks about the Atkins.  Atkins has too much protein in it and the protein puts a lot of pressure on your kidneys and also can be used by the liver to make glucose, so where the Atkins says, eat all the meat you want, just don't eat any carbs.

At 52:00 - Q&A Session

Lady asks: "In society today cancers are more prevalent than 400 or 500 years ago. Is it because of periodic fasting they did back then?"

Prof Seyfried: "I did a big investigation of this. I talked to the President of the Calorie Restriction Society of America. I asked him, How many people in your organisation have cancer?

Oh yeah, I think john back in 1978, he had cancer.

They don't have cancer, because their mitochondria are purring.

Quote: "You don't get cancer unless you damage your mitochondria"

These people under these fasting conditions, they have low glucose and high ketones. They're ketotic in that zone. Very few people on the planet can do that. You gotta be like... somebody different.

You go into a pizza shop, your knees become weak. Your not gonna be doing this! There are people who are extremists like this, and they don't have cancer.

All this stuff came when we changed the foods in the 80s. We got the high-fructose corn syrup into the food chain and now we got body inflammation. All these chronic diseases. Parkinsons, dementia, its all related to the same thing.

How do you prevent?

Prevention is a different issue. I have a big section in my book about prevention. Not many people care about prevention. I have cancer, what can you do for me now? You should have done this. Well I'm not doing that.

You can prevent, but you have to change the food you eat. The food industry doesn't help us. We're not using natural stuff. And its putting ourselves at risk.

Its us! Its the food industry and us!