Protein Intake And Body Odour

T oday I have B.O. and I know where its coming from. Protein. My dietary split is around 80% fat, 15-20% protein, 0-5% carbs. I eat a low carb diet.

Yesterday, I cut calories and ate leftovers, whatever was in the fridge. I added a lot of butter to the cook, but protein still hit a high number. You can see from the Fitday graphic protein was 27%, which is a little high. In the second Fitday graphic reflects what I try to keep protein at 20% or under.

Excess protein in the diet is excreted in urine and in sweat. That acrid, musky smell you have is the excess protien pushed out the body in the form of urea and ammonia.

If you're on a high fat or high carb diet, you won't suffer. If you increase protein above what the body needs or can use. We have no protein stores in the body. If the body cannot use excess protein, it must get rid of it. Result? That awful smell.

I heard people say to shower and you'll get rid of the smell. It won't. The body will keep excreting excess, even if you shower.

Cut protein consumption to remove that awful smell.