Low-To-No-Carb Diet!

S witching to a low-carb diet appears a daunting prospect, but its quite simple. The hard part is overcoming your old habits and inertia. Breaking your eating habits and forming new ones, is the difficult part.

There's also the battle to get the truth. Overcoming propaganda and conditioning from years of wrong information and marketing hype.

The government indifference and the health industry's total disinterest in your good health. Healthy, happy humans are no-good to the pharmaceutical industry, they want sick people, to sell their ineffective drugs.

The giant food corporations know carbs are addictive. Its in their interest to feed people carbs, to keep them coming back for more. Its hard breaking the carb habit.

Once you switch to low-carb, it amazing the health difference.

I dont follow any particular low-carb or paleo creed or religion. I eat high fat, moderate-protein, low-to-no carb. I'm not paleo or primal.

I'm on the Low-To-No-Carb Diet!

75%-80% fats. 15%-20% protein. 0%-5% carbs.

That's a good diet.

Some days I eat zero carbs. Other days its 5 grams or 20 grams. Always aiming for 50 grams or below. Sometimes I'll have a treat day, eat ice cream. Its not religion. Just common sense and some fun.

Try it, if it works, do it. If not, drop it. There's no dogma. If it fits in with your life and you feel better for it, great. If not, quit. Some people prefer to eat carbs, no problem. Some people prefer not. It's an individual choice. At the present time, this works for me. If I find it doesn't, I'll stop.

Low-To-No-Carb Guidelines

1. Eat animal protein and animal fat daily. (Eat grass-fed meats and organs)

2. Eat whole foods—meats, fruits, and vegetables—the mainstay of your diet.

3. Avoid carbohydrates (sugars, flours, juices, potatoes, grains, starches).

4. If you eat carbs, use fruits and vegetables. Avoid potatoes.

5. Avoid grains and legumes (soy, kidney beans, chickpeas).

6. Avoid dairy products (If you eat dairy use full-fat dairy).

7. Avoid synthetic fats (trans-fats, vegetable oils, bean oils, seed oils).

8. Avoid all processed foods. (additives, flavorings, sweeteners, colorings).

9. Limit alcohol. (use wine, instead of beers, spirits, liqueurs).