Go Carnivore Go!

T oday, Monday 27th April, I started the 30-Day Meat Only Challenge. I've been eating low carb for a few years. High fat, adequate protein, and very low carbos. Normally, 50 grams a day or under. Some days it's zero carbs. I include dairy products, small amounts of salad vegetables and berries once or twice a month. I stopped eating 85-90% dark chocolate, as I had difficulty digesting it.

If I visit friends, I may have plain ice cream, but I won't eat bread, cakes, biscuits, chocolate or other treats. I don't eat grains, potatoes, starches, sugars, so-called vegetable oils (PUFA), or trans-fats. I stopped eating bread and rice a few years back, and never been a big potato eater. I quit eating factory / industrialised foods around the same time. I get energy mostly from mono and saturated fats.

I have celiac and several food sensitivities, including all legumes, most nuts, all grains, dairy (all milk, all yogurt, some creams or cheeses), its the lactose. I can eat dairy very low in lactose, such as stilton cheese which is almost lactose free. If I eat yogurt, which is around 4-5% lactose, I'm in trouble next day. Intermittent rashes come and go, I suspect is caused by dairy or vegetable consumption. It may be an egg intolerance, but I'm not sure on that.

I came across Amber at Empirica, and read about the problems she had eating foods. I can empathise, as I have difficulty with so many different foods and have done, since I was a kid. On Doctor Ede's website, she talks about having similar problems.

Amber has a 30-Day Meat Only Challenge, aimed, I guess, at low-carbers to persuade them to go even lower, or try the health benefits of meat-only. Last May, I went the whole month with zero carbs. I ate a lot of cheese and cream. I guess it was the volume of cheese and dairy consumed at that time, that brought home my lactose intolerance.

I decided to try the Meat Only Challenge and see how my body reacts. Eggs are allowed along with butter. Go take a look at Eat meat. Not too little. Mostly fat.

Go Carnivore. Go!