Current H.I.T. Exercise Routine

For a while I did the StrongLifts 5x5, but after 6 weeks, realized it wasn't for me. Going to the gym 3x times a week was way too much, and left little time for skating, once you factor in work and travel time.

I switched back to H.I.T, and followed Doug McGuff's Big 5 training routine, as detailed in his book, Body By Science. I've done H.I.T. before, and the StrongLifts 5x5 didn't feel quite right. I prefer using machines, and the heavy trashing of muscles you get with High Intensity Training. The intense burn of lactic acid. Sickening, painful, but good.

Skating is my primary sport, but I enjoy the weekly H.I.T. session, and the rubber legs walking home, after the workout.

On reading Garry Bannisters Book, I started experimenting with additional exercises and increased the number I do each week. I know I'll drop some of these in a couple of weeks, but for the present time, I'm enjoying it. I'm also gonna try increasing the sessions to 2x times a week. Bannister highly rates Arthur Jones, and from what I read, the guy was not appreciated and did not get the recognition he deserved. Jones had a major impact on the fitness industry.

McGuff recommends allowing 7 days rest for full recovery, and I can understand why, as H.I.T. trashes your muscles. There's no mistaking you worked out. Some weeks I can't skate next day, leg muscles need more recovery time.

I'd like to train on MedX or Nautilus machines, but unlike the U.S.A., there are few around. I found a gym in Central London that carries a line of MedX, though I'm not sure if they're authentic. I'll take a day off work sometime and workout there, see if I like it. The gym I presently use, have Matrix Fitness machines, I'm not overly impressed. There's a lot of friction on units and they don't carry the full range. I don't use free weights.

A list of current exercises and major muscles worked:
  • Leg Extension - Quadriceps
  • Leg Press - Hamstrings, Quadriceps
  • Leg Curl - Hamstrings
  • Calf Raise - Calves
  • Lateral Raise - Deltoids
  • Shoulder Press - Deltoids
  • Ab Pulldown - Rectus abdominis
  • Cable Pulldown - Latissimus dorsi
  • Chest Fly - Pectoralis
  • Chest Press - Pectoralis
  • Back Extension - Lower Back
  • Bicep Curl - Biceps
  • Tricep Press - Triceps
  • Seated Row -  Trapezius,  Latissimus dorsi