Carbs Are Not An Essential Nutrient

Today, you will require ZERO carbohydrates in your diet to stay alive. Are you sure?

Yes. Lets clarify.

The absolute essential nutrients for human health and survival, are:

* Amino acids          * Minerals
* Fatty acids            * Water
* Electrolytes           * Energy
* Vitamins

It is the last – energy – which generates the most controversy and conflict in nutrition. Most of which is largely defined, not by science, but by other agendas; political, ideological, and complete nonsense.

The controversy ends when you look at the science. Any biology or medical biochemistry literature will confirm:

"The human body has no dietary requirement for carbohydrates".

You’ll be reassured to know that you don’t have to eat carbohydrates to live. It’s not an essential nutrient. One of the first things learnt in nutrition is:

"What does the body NOT make, that you MUST eat."

You won’t find carbohydrate on the list.

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