Seba High Light Carbon Skate

Stiff And Light

Here's the next skate I buy. Its a cross between Seba Igor and the classic Seba High, using carbon fibre for the shell construction instead of mixed composites. Carbon fibre provides strength and stiffness to the skate, but adds very little weight.

I can't see carbon fibre making much difference to the overall weight of the skate, but the pay-off is stiffness, to prevent energy loss through boot flex in turns, pivots, spins and direction change. I noticed a big difference when using Seba Igors, those skates are super stiff, it takes weeks to break them in. And no heat process to speed the break-in.

Carbon fibre skates are expensive, it shows in the price tag. At £375, compared to the standard Seba High Light which costs a mere £249.

The frame, the wheels, bearings, spacers, buckles, clips, padding are the same on both skates. Only difference is the boot shell construction material. Again, it makes little difference to the weight, but a major difference to the stiffness of the skate boot.