Food Intolerance - Foods I Can't Eat

Today I woke with stomach cramps, and discovered another food I cannot eat. In truth, I can eat it, but my body doesn't like it. In effect, I can't eat it.

Yesterday, I ate banana, then a couple of hours before bed, I had stomach cramps. This morning I wake with the same stomach pain. A dull pain in my lower abdomen. Gut swollen, distended, turbid, painful. Its been years since I ate banana. No wonder.

Its the same with many other foodstuffs. They taste great on the way down, but once inside, the problems start. So many foods give me stomach cramps, bloating, and pain to remember them by. My body reacts to them adversely or cannot to handle them at all. I'm sure I'll be adding other foods to the list, given time.

Seafood Dairy Vegetables Fruit
All Fish Milk Broccoli Apple
Octopus Cheese Eggplant Pear
Prawns Yogurt Potato  Banana
Crab Cream Bell Peppers Orange
Grains Legumes Nuts
Wheat All beans Peanuts
Rye Soy Almonds
Barley Kidney Pistachios
Oats Chickpeas Cashews