Bauer Skates Size Differences

Same Make Same Size Different Fit

Shortly after I bought my first skate, the K2 FIT 84s, I bought a pair of Bauer X40 mid-range ice skates. I thought it would be good to supplement inline skating with some ice work, particularly when we have bad weather or lots of rain.

I bought the Bauer X40 online from a supplier in Scotland. The skates were end-of-line and slightly discounted. I didn't wanna spend too much on ice skates, as my interest was inline.

The Bauer X40 ice skates were size 8R. You can see that in the photo top right.

Six months later, I decided the K2 84 inline skates were not what I needed for the type of skating I was doing / I wanted to do. After minimal research I decided to buy Bauer X60R inline skates. Once again, I bought size 8R skates, online from a supplier somewhere in north England.

The Bauer X40 and the X60R essentially use the same skate boot, though they may have different fitting to the sole plate. The X40 has a single steel ice blade fitted, the X60R has an inline wheel frame attached.

Excitedly, I used the new Bauer X60R every week for months, till the skate was fully broken-in. Once broken-in, I realised the X60R was too big. About one full size too big. That's odd. The Bauer X40 ice skate, fits perfectly, both width and length.

The Bauer X60R inline skate is too big in length and width. I wear thick heavy sports socks to pad out and ensure I get a tight snug fit, when skating. I can't wear thin socks or my feet slop around in the skate.

Not being a professional with many years experience under my belt with lots of skates from various manufacturers, I erroneously assumed, same make, same manufacturer, same skate, same size. Wrong!

Disappointed I did some reading online after, and discovered that many skating professionals wear a size smaller than shoe size and spend weeks breaking in quality new skates to the shape of their feet. The skate boot must fit like a second skin, with no movement or slip in the skate at any time.

Some skaters don't wear socks, to ensure a snug fit with zero movement in the skate. (I'll dig out the article and post the URL later).

The photos on the right are Bauer X40 and X60R insoles. You can see from the tape there's approx 8mm difference in size. The slim narrow insole is from the ice skate. The wide long insole from my X60R inlines.

I still like the Bauer X60Rs, they're currently my daily work skate, and I use them 3 - 5 times a week, if it doesn't rain too much.

I know the Bauer's are almost out of time. I already lined up replacement skates, once I locate a UK supplier with my size.

In one of the next posts, I'll talk again about size variation and associated problems. I'll also post on quality differences between Seba and Bauer skates.