Skate - Short Note On Rockered Skates

To Rock Or Not?

Rockering skates traditionally does wheel size:


Full rocker or banana rocker does wheel size:


The Bauer skates have:


A Hi-Low chassis, Bauer skates are famous for, as they hold the patent, no other skates manufacturer can copy. Its known as an aggressive stance, as the skater leans, with his weight thrown in a forward direction.

Unconsciously, I used a different rocker this week and last. My wheels were wearing at the rear from slides I practiced, and switched the rear two wheels to the front. After rotating wheels, I practiced backwards skate, and heavily wore down what was now the front wheel on right and left skates. It was down to around 72m.

I was now running:


I noticed it allowed much quicker turns in the slalom and in general skate. It was done quite by chance, as I had not realized how worn the front wheels on both skates were, till I got home and measured.

I like the set-up. It produces very fast turns and good stability. I'm gonna run with it for a while and see how it goes.