Skate - Seba SX Freestyle

Freestyle Skate

Seba SX. A new short wheelbase skate designed for urban/city skating, freestyle, slalom, jumps, slides and any other fast maneuvers you fancy.

The boot is made of a carbon + fibreglass composite material for reduced weight, increased rigidity and more responsiveness. With a thick, lightweight, integrated liner providing comfort and support. Stiff but comfortable with an integrated heel shock absorber.

Outside a mix of lace and strap secure the boot in place. The addition of abrasive slider pads for protection, for when those slides don't quite come off.

The SX uses Seba's Deluxe frame made from extruded aluminium with cross plates to increase strength. The frame wheelbase at 243mm takes 4 x 80mm wheels. The frame complies with UFS standard, which allows soul plates and other mods.

In the wheels / bearings department, the skates ride on 80mm / 84a street invader wheels, fitted with Seba's twincam MW9 bearings.

I checked out the Seba FR1 standard and Deluxe skates and also had a look at the Seba High, but held off buying any of those. The SX is the all-round skate I've been looking for.

The supply in England is sparse at best. Sizes and stocks are very limited. I found some in Canadian and European stores that carry the skate in several sizes. If I can't find my size here, I'll probably have to ship them from North America, as they are way cheaper than European prices.

I didn't find a weight for the skate at any site I visited. If I get a pair, I'll weigh them and post online.

N.B. On the topic of size, one site I came across, suggested taking innersole length and deducting 5mm to get the correct boot size, as the Seba SX has such thick padding. That's only a guide measure. Ultimately, you need to wear the boot to evaluate fit. You can't buy off a size chart.