Skate - Flexmeter Wrist Protection

Totally Awesome

Its been a year since I started skating, and its been a blast. Skating on cold frosty mornings, wet mist covered asphalt, debris scattered tarmac, and more recently, dry sunny weather, which is my favourite.

After mastering forward skating and staying upright, I worked on stopping. Once those were in the bag, I started skating backwards, then the pain comes in spades. Even if ya skate well, the debris scattered across the basketball courts, presents unwanted obstacles. I tend to fall over a lot, particularly when I practice new methods, tricks, stunts, spins, jumps or pivots.

Falling is painful. To make it less so, I purchased a pair of flexmeter wrist guards. They are superb and offer a very high degree of protection. Designed by a French surgeon who specializes in wrist breaks, and similar trauma.

The flexmeter comprise a strong top and bottom plastic support brace with velcro wrap-around straps which allow adjustment to ensure a tight, secure fit.

The top brace has a hinge-point which is flexible enough to allow upward wrist movement on impact. The length of the supports (upper and lower) and hinge movement, transfer and dissipate the impact energy up the arm, and over a greater area, instead of concentrating it on the fragile wrist bones.

I've taken a lot of falls, mostly skating backwards, or practicing spin pivots. A few hurt, most didn't, thanks to the Flexmeters superior design.

Before the flexmeters, I used K2 wrist pads, which were very short in length, and would ensure you felt the full force of each fall. It would send a stinging thud into wrists and forearms. Hours after the fall, my wrists would hurt like hell. I haven't experienced any similar pain using the Flexmeters.

The Flexmeters are expensive, but worth the outlay. They are superb. Solid construction and thoughtful design equate to a high recommendation, particularly if you prize break-free wrists.

They saved me so many times. I love these.