Skate - Bauer Vapor XR Premier

Dark And Light

Having owned the Bauer X60R, I was tempted to upgrade and go another level in hockey skates. Looking at the range that's available here in England, I was pretty disappointed. I visited Bauer's website, expecting to find enticing new models. I was right and wrong.

I did find great looking skates, but the models marketed weren't new. I only learnt that later, after searching in vain, trying to find stockists in England, Europe and the US.

The skate I found was the Bauer XR Premier, an all black beauty. I loved the all-dark colour scheme, the dark boot, dark magnesium Hi-Lo frame, dark tongue, dark laces, dark outsole. You get the idea.

Yeah, I'll go for it. With no UK stocks, I googled Bauer stockists in Europe, none had my size. Bauer stockists in the US are prohibited from selling outside their borders, by the manufacturer, so they will not ship outside the US. I search on ebay and amazon, again I don't find my size. I'm stumped. I've found a skate I want, but can't buy it anywhere.

The Bauer Vapor XR Premier was released in September 2012, that's less than two years ago. I guess two years is a long time in skate marketing. If you visit Bauer's website, the Vapor XR Premier skate is still promoted as part of the inline range. Its even listed as a "New" skate. Coming from the world's leading manufacturer of ice skates and possibly inline skates (Bauer also own Mission Skates), its a pretty poor show.

I made contact with a Bauer supplier here in England, to check if future supplies were possible, he confirmed the skate was now discontinued. The supplier suggested I look at the APX2R instead, which is a lovely skate, but not the one I wanted.

Marketing Info:

XR Premier Tech
Ultra-light tech mesh with X-Rib pattern - Comfort meets technology - X-Rib design provides enhanced structural support and combines with the ultra-light quarter package to minimize weight for faster acceleration and quicker turns
Quick-dry hydrophobic grip liner, anatomical 2-piece elite black felt tongue with metatarsal padding - Moisture wicking, abrasion-resistant and comfortable. The BAUER VAPOR XR Premier boasts a superior liner that keeps the feet dry and cool while locking the heel in tight. The lace bite channel, abrasion resistant material and metatarsal guard give the tongue enhanced flex, fit, and protection

Revision Variant Tech
TORUS Technology - TORUS Technology simultaneously provides wheel-flex in turns for grip, and rigid support on the breakaway for speed!
I.S.R. - Integrated Structure Ring prevents wheel deflection on the running surface to help you break away
PLATFORM Core - The open structure of the PLATFORM core reduces weight to increase acceleration
RV-Urethane - Revolutionary urethane combined with TORUS technology has been tested at 30% more grip than any other wheel

XR Premier Features
Quarter Package - Ultra-light tech mesh with molded X-Rib pattern
Lining - Quick-dry hydrophobic grip liner
Heel Support - Patented pro-integrated, anatomical heel/ankle support
Tongue - Anatomical, 2-Piece elite black felt, with metatarsal padding
Footbed - FORM-FIT+
Outsole - Fiber Composite
Chassis - Magnesium HI-LO Vanguard 76/80mm
Wheel Configuration - 76mm, 76mm, 80mm, 80mm
Wheel - REVISION Variant Gold 74A
Bearing - HI-LO Swiss LE 608
Upper - Thermoformable Full Upper

A capture of Bauer's website inline skate page taken today (08/08/2014).

The XR Premier skate is heavily featured and promoted. Its the first product image you see when landing on the Inline skate section of the Bauer site.

Which is strange, as the product has been discontinued and is no longer available except old stock in very small or very large sizes, which retailers couldn't sell.