Skate Edges - Inside / Outside

Talking Edges

Blades on ice skates are rectangular in section with distinct sides and edges; inside edge / bottom edge / outside edge. When skating on ice you can easily feel when you're on the inside or outside edge of your skate.

Inline skates have inside and outside edges, though looking at a row of inline wheels, its not quite so obvious.

Its important to get to know the edges on your skates, and I don't mean their location, but their feel when your rolling on those wheels. Bill Stoppard mentions the importance of the inside /outside edge of your skates, in his YouTube video.

Get to know your edges and you're half-way to the parallel slide and the hockey stop. Its difficult to slide without edge control.

Practice and get the feel for those edges.

When you turn to your left or lean left, you use the outside edge of your left skate, and the inside edge of your right skate. See photo. Skates viewed from the rear.

When you turn to your right or lean right, you use  the outside edge of your right skate, and the inside edge of your left skate. See photo. Skates viewed from the rear. 

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