Book - The Art Of Falling - Freestyle Slalom Skating

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Written by Naomi Grigg, world-class slalom skater, who achieved number 3 world ranking.

A well thought-out and presented tutorial on the art of freestyle slalom for beginners and more advanced skaters. Detailed breakdown of moves, tricks, slides and pivots, with full howto, explanations and tips on dealing with particular problems.

The book is filled with a lot of information, advice and experience. Includes advice on skates, wheels, drills, technique, routines, exercises and many of the mainstay slalom moves, weight distribution, balance, center of gravity, fluidity, power, and a few other tips for the skater who wants to compete.

Plenty of photos throughout the book, demonstrating technique, methods or tricks. If you're not familiar with some of the slalom name / routines, you'll need to watch them on YouTube to understand what Naomi refers to.

Brilliant. Highly recommended.

Available from Amazon - £15.72.