Azera Americano Coffee

Coffea Arabica

Recently I've been drinking Nescafe new Azera Americano instant coffee. It is delicious. Makes for a great cup of coffee.

Other regular instant coffee taste like powdered cardboard by comparison. It's a combination of instant and finely ground fresh coffee, which works to produce a great taste. Its somewhat expensive compared to stuff like Gold Blend, or Continental Blend instant coffees, but the quality is way better.

It comes in a tin with a plastic cap, not a jar. So the container is airtight, to keep the coffee from oxidizing. It costs around £4.50 a tin, suggests 55 servings, but I only seem to get around 40. I must like my coffee strong. It still works out around 10 pence a cup, which is way cheaper than Starbucks or other high-street coffee shops.

If you're a coffee drinker, give it a shot, you might like it.