Bauer Vapor X60R

New Boots

The King is dead, long live the King. The K2 F.I.T. 84 soft boot skates are gone. They are history. Make way for the Bauer Vapor X60R, inline hockey skate. The new kid in town.

Though I've been skating less than a year, I realized the K2s were not for me. If all ya wanna do is skate a straight line, occasional recreational skating, or skate for fitness, as the name suggests, stick with F.I.T. 84s, will be fine. But if you wanna do things other than straight-lines, you have a problem.

I didn't know it when I started, but I want to skate other styles, do other, do more. Way more. Urban-City, Freestyle, Slalom. These are calling, and I'm coming... soon.

I was gonna get some Seba FR1 Deluxe, but couldn't find a pair to fit. It seems Seba don't manufacture the half-size I need. I settled on the Bauer Vapor, and these are so good. Way better than the K2s, for the kinda stuff I wanna do.

I love the Bauers. I love these boots . They are so responsive. They grip, they twist, they turn. They slip, they slide.

The Bauers are stiff, the K2s are soft. Bauers have 76mm/80mm wheels, K2s have 84s. Bauers are hard, K2s are cushioned. Bauers are laced, K2s have straps. Bauers have hard wheels, K2s have soft. Bauer's go with you, K2s do not. The two sets are so different.

Why do I love these boots so much? Wherever I point, they go. Wherever I wish, they follow. The Bauers are obedient, and supremely good, compared to the K2s stubborn refusal to co-operate. They inspire confidence, not caution. The Bauers are light, solid, rigid and responsive. You get feedback from the terrain, the surface, the level of grip and maneuvers.

Bauers come fitted with soft 76mm/80mm 76a duro wheels on a stiff, hi-lo profile aluminium alloy frame. I replaced the standard indoor wheels with a harder compound 83a duro, while I break the boots in. Next set of wheel purchase will be, Hyper 76mm/80mm 85a Concrete 'G', Gyro F2R 84a, or Matter Juice F1s / F2s.


X-ribbed one-piece construction

Embossed heel cup

felt with metatarsal guard

Durable TPR

Chassis / Frame:
Vanguard Hi-Lo Accelerator Aluminum Frame

Hi-Lo HL1 76A indoor wheels

Hi-Lo Abec 7 bearings

1285 grams