Skate Width Explained

Give Me Width

Skate brands differ in width and designation. There is no consistency, its very confusing.

Which do I buy: 'C', 'D', 'E', 'EE', 'R', 'W'?

Skates normally come in three widths: Narrow, Standard, Wide.

Here's a run through of width markings.


Looks like Alkali only offer a single width.

Bauer / Mission

C - Narrow
D - Regular / Standard
EE - Wide
R - Regular / Standard

Bauer / Mission do not have an 'E' width.

CCM / Reebok

C - Narrow
D - Regular / Standard
E - Wide

CCM / Reebok do not have a 'EE' width.


C - Narrow
D - Regular / Standard
EE - Wide
R - Regular / Stardard
W - Wide


D - Regular / Standard
EE - Wide

Why do some brands (Bauer) jump from 'D' to 'EE'  with no 'E' ?
While others (Reebok) go from 'D' to 'E' with no 'EE' ?
Why are there different widths designations ?
Why is there no standardization ?

I read somewhere that CCM  (who happen to manufacture Reebok skates) patented the skate "E" width, so no other brand can use it. That's why the logical sequence of is not used. Blame CCM for trying to get a marketing advantage.

Whichever brand you choose, you should first try the skate for size before buying.

Hope this helps.