Skate - Bauer X60R Weight

How Heavy?

There was little info on the weight of my Bauer Vapor X60R inline skates, and I was kind of interested as to how they compare with other quality blades. With the aid of a 'T' hex key and accurate kitchen scales, its possible to ascertain the weight of a size 8R skate.

With my insignificant knowledge and limited experience, I can postulate a quality skate needs, a minimum of four things:

1. A stiff shell
2. Copious supportive padding
3. A strong rigid chassis
4. A meagre weight


1. A stiff shell to provide foot and ankle support and minimize flex.
2. Supportive comfortable padding to obviate pain and discomfort.
3. A strong rigid chassis to transfer energy to earth without loss and hold shape.
4. Minimal weight to prevent fatigue, sluggish maneuvers for quick turns or jumps.

The Bauer X60Rs are lacking in number 2. The insole is far too thin for this boot. After two hours skating, metal rivets securing the metal chassis to the skate boot, press unforgivingly into the ball of your foot. Thicker insoles would be a major plus for this skate.

In the photos below:

Skate boot + insole + chassis weigh = 658 grams
Skate wheels x 4 with axles weigh = 458 grams

Total weight for boot + chassis + wheels + axles = 1116 grams.