Nike Free Run OG

Lightweight Shoe

I love these Nike Free Run OG in black. They look great. I love the color, the texture, the sole and the heel. Its a shame I can't find a pair in my size.

I first saw them online and fell in love with the style, the sole and the colour combo.

I was in a Nike store today and found a pair on display. It was the last pair and a full size too small.

Talking with the sales assistant, he informed that Nike have a fast turnover of styles and colours. Its their policy to renew designs after a few months. It means most stores hold little stocks and most shoes have a very short shelf life.

Even if stores want more stocks, Nike have a limited production run on most new shoes. Some classic styles, such as Nike's Air Max are available for years without a break, aside from colour change, material upgrade or minimal tweaking of the style, but hot new ranges such as the Free Run shoe have a short product life.

New styles, new colours, new textures, new materials, new soles mean constant fast turnover of product both for Nike and the retail outlet. Its dependent on Nike producing great products and a constant demand. I'm no expert, but I can't see them getting that one wrong. They produce such great kit. Everyone, I mean everyone I know has at least one pair of Nike shoes.

I hope to be the proud owner of a second pair, if I can find them in my size.

I'm here in the UK and I found a seller on Ebay in the US with my size. Only problem is fitting. I'm not prepared to buy online without trying the shoe for size. I tried several different Nike shoes in the store and they vary so much in fit, length, width. With a $40 delivery charge, I don't think that's gonna happen.

I'll probably settle for Free Run OG in another colour.

The Nike brand is named after Nike the Greek goddess of victory.