Lamborghini - Land Tiller To Earth Shaker

Lamborghini Tractors

Lamborghini's are renown for producing extremely fast, ruinously expensive, exotic, impractical, but beautiful sports cars. Most people are probably unaware Lamborghini started life as a tractor manufacturer.

Ferruccio Lamborghini being a wealthy industrialist, owned a Ferrari sports cars, but was wholly displeased with the reliability and quality of service he received from Ferrari.

When Ferruccio Lamborghini brought this to Enzo Ferrari's attention, Enzo would have none of it. Lamborghini was so aggrieved at his treatment he believed he could improve on the shortcomings of Ferrari's offerings, by building his own sports cars. Ferruccio had much of the manufacturing facilities already in place, and the prospect of huge profits over his tractor business sealed it.

The rest is history.

Lamborghini is now owned by German car manufacturer Volkswagon.