Bio Or Non-Bio Detergents?

What is the difference?

I've been skating a lot in the good weather, almost every day. That generates a lot of dirty skate apparel, t-shirt, shorts, sox. Dirty laundry stacks up.

I was in a store buying detergents and I got to wondering about the difference between Bio and Non-Bio detergents. You see them splashed up big in the TV ads.

I asked a few girls at work, some are housewives, none knew the difference. I certainly didn't know, so it seemed the right time to Google.

Biological Detergents

Biological detergents contain enzymes, and no bleach. The enzymes break down difficult stains such as egg or blood. Small amounts of enzymes are used as they work throughout the wash. This allows a lower temperature wash as enzymes work at or below 40 degrees.

Bios clean better than non-bios, particularly at lower temperatures.

Non-Biological Detergents

Non Biological contains no enzymes, so the chemicals are harsher and rely on a hot wash to remove grease and dirt.

Non-bios clean well at high temperatures but none perform better than a bio in a cool wash. Most laundry experts prefer bio to non-bio as the detergent is washing the clothes rather than the hot water.

With heavily stained white laundry, add a booster whitener to the wash load.


Bios contain enzymes
Bios contain NO bleach

Use Bios for colours or delicates
Use Bios at a lower temperature

Non-Bios contain bleach
Non-Bios contain NO enzyme

Use Non-Bios for whites and lights
Use Non-Bios at higher temperature