Stinky, Sweaty, Smelly Sportswear

What is that smell?

With the arrival of the Summer, I've been skating a great deal of late, bathed in sunshine and rolling in the sweltering heat, which results in wet, sweaty, skate wear.

Even after a several thorough washes, I noticed my sports clothes still smell. This stuff should be clean, its just out the wash. No matter how many times I put them through the wash, my sports clothes still don't smell clean and fresh.

What's causing the smell? A quick Google search and I have my answer. Bacteria.

The problem is not caused by unclean sportswear, its related to synthetic fibers used in sports apparel. Cotton and other natural fibers are not affected. Odor causing bacteria lingers in synthetic fibers, after a wash. Natural body oils in sweat, stick to synthetic fibers, which ordinary detergents can't shift.  Sweaty clothes are a breeding ground for smelly bacteria. The bacteria provide the rank smell of unwashed sports wear, we all know and loathe. Regular wash powders don't kill the bacteria, which is re-activated the next time you use them.

How to deal with smelly sportswear

1.Hang To Air Dry

Take wet, sweaty, sportswear out of the bag, hang them up and allow to air dry. Don't leave them in a sports bag or dumped in a pile for washing later. The longer you leave your wet smelly sportswear in a bag or enclosed area, the more intense the smell. If you can't wash sports clothes straight away, hang and allow to “air out”. The sooner you get sportswear dry, the better.

2. Soak In Vinegar

An easy way to kill smelly bacteria and rid your sportswear of that rank odor, is to soak them in a white vinegar and water solution. 1 part vinegar to 4 parts water and soak for about 30 minutes then wash straightaway, as normal.

White vinegar has antibacterial properties and is a great odor remover

3. Machine Wash

Machine wash your sports wear as normal. Use the gentlest cycle the machine offers. Use the hottest water setting. If the smell persists, wash clothes more than once.

4. Drying

Thoroughly dry sportswear after washing and before storing away.

Sportswear Detergents

Sportswear specific detergents are now available. At present the products are only available in the US. If you can find these, give them a shot.

Tide Febreze Sport Detergent
WIN Sport Detergent
Hex Laundry Sports Detergent

Quote - Winston Churchill

Lady Astor:  Mr Churchill, if I were your wife, I'd put poison in your coffee.

Churchill:  If you were my wife, I'd drink it.
Secretary:  Mr Churchill, you are drunk!

Churchill:  Yes madam, and you are ugly. But in the morning, I shall be sober.
He has all of the virtues I dislike and none of the vices I admire.
About Stafford Cripps - British politician

Bio Or Non-Bio Detergents?

What is the difference?

I've been skating a lot in the good weather, almost every day. That generates a lot of dirty skate apparel, t-shirt, shorts, sox. Dirty laundry stacks up.

I was in a store buying detergents and I got to wondering about the difference between Bio and Non-Bio detergents. You see them splashed up big in the TV ads.

I asked a few girls at work, some are housewives, none knew the difference. I certainly didn't know, so it seemed the right time to Google.

Biological Detergents

Biological detergents contain enzymes, and no bleach. The enzymes break down difficult stains such as egg or blood. Small amounts of enzymes are used as they work throughout the wash. This allows a lower temperature wash as enzymes work at or below 40 degrees.

Bios clean better than non-bios, particularly at lower temperatures.

Non-Biological Detergents

Non Biological contains no enzymes, so the chemicals are harsher and rely on a hot wash to remove grease and dirt.

Non-bios clean well at high temperatures but none perform better than a bio in a cool wash. Most laundry experts prefer bio to non-bio as the detergent is washing the clothes rather than the hot water.

With heavily stained white laundry, add a booster whitener to the wash load.


Bios contain enzymes
Bios contain NO bleach

Use Bios for colours or delicates
Use Bios at a lower temperature

Non-Bios contain bleach
Non-Bios contain NO enzyme

Use Non-Bios for whites and lights
Use Non-Bios at higher temperature


Quote - Socrates

Children today, display bad manners, contempt for authority, disrespect their elders, indulge in chatter instead of exercise. They do not rise when elders enter the room, contradict their parents, chatter in company and criticize their teachers.

(It seems little has changed in 2,000 years)

-- Socrates 469–399 B.C.

Nike Free Run OG

Lightweight Shoe

I love these Nike Free Run OG in black. They look great. I love the color, the texture, the sole and the heel. Its a shame I can't find a pair in my size.

I first saw them online and fell in love with the style, the sole and the colour combo.

I was in a Nike store today and found a pair on display. It was the last pair and a full size too small.

Talking with the sales assistant, he informed that Nike have a fast turnover of styles and colours. Its their policy to renew designs after a few months. It means most stores hold little stocks and most shoes have a very short shelf life.

Even if stores want more stocks, Nike have a limited production run on most new shoes. Some classic styles, such as Nike's Air Max are available for years without a break, aside from colour change, material upgrade or minimal tweaking of the style, but hot new ranges such as the Free Run shoe have a short product life.

New styles, new colours, new textures, new materials, new soles mean constant fast turnover of product both for Nike and the retail outlet. Its dependent on Nike producing great products and a constant demand. I'm no expert, but I can't see them getting that one wrong. They produce such great kit. Everyone, I mean everyone I know has at least one pair of Nike shoes.

I hope to be the proud owner of a second pair, if I can find them in my size.

I'm here in the UK and I found a seller on Ebay in the US with my size. Only problem is fitting. I'm not prepared to buy online without trying the shoe for size. I tried several different Nike shoes in the store and they vary so much in fit, length, width. With a $40 delivery charge, I don't think that's gonna happen.

I'll probably settle for Free Run OG in another colour.

The Nike brand is named after Nike the Greek goddess of victory.

Skate - Bauer X60R Weight

How Heavy?

There was little info on the weight of my Bauer Vapor X60R inline skates, and I was kind of interested as to how they compare with other quality blades. With the aid of a 'T' hex key and accurate kitchen scales, its possible to ascertain the weight of a size 8R skate.

With my insignificant knowledge and limited experience, I can postulate a quality skate needs, a minimum of four things:

1. A stiff shell
2. Copious supportive padding
3. A strong rigid chassis
4. A meagre weight


1. A stiff shell to provide foot and ankle support and minimize flex.
2. Supportive comfortable padding to obviate pain and discomfort.
3. A strong rigid chassis to transfer energy to earth without loss and hold shape.
4. Minimal weight to prevent fatigue, sluggish maneuvers for quick turns or jumps.

The Bauer X60Rs are lacking in number 2. The insole is far too thin for this boot. After two hours skating, metal rivets securing the metal chassis to the skate boot, press unforgivingly into the ball of your foot. Thicker insoles would be a major plus for this skate.

In the photos below:

Skate boot + insole + chassis weigh = 658 grams
Skate wheels x 4 with axles weigh = 458 grams

Total weight for boot + chassis + wheels + axles = 1116 grams.



Lamborghini - Land Tiller To Earth Shaker

Lamborghini Tractors

Lamborghini's are renown for producing extremely fast, ruinously expensive, exotic, impractical, but beautiful sports cars. Most people are probably unaware Lamborghini started life as a tractor manufacturer.

Ferruccio Lamborghini being a wealthy industrialist, owned a Ferrari sports cars, but was wholly displeased with the reliability and quality of service he received from Ferrari.

When Ferruccio Lamborghini brought this to Enzo Ferrari's attention, Enzo would have none of it. Lamborghini was so aggrieved at his treatment he believed he could improve on the shortcomings of Ferrari's offerings, by building his own sports cars. Ferruccio had much of the manufacturing facilities already in place, and the prospect of huge profits over his tractor business sealed it.

The rest is history.

Lamborghini is now owned by German car manufacturer Volkswagon.

Movie - Carancho


Another Ricardo Darin vehicle, another great performance. Darin chooses a role perfectly suited for his immense talent. Carancho means vulture in Spanish and he plays a petty scam artist, fleecing insurance companies. Thoroughly enjoyable movie with a twist. Spanish with English subtitles.

Worth the effort. Give it a look

Name: Carancho
Year: 2010
Director: Pablo Trapero
Stars: Ricardo Darin, Martina Gusman

Quote - Ernest Hemingway

Write drunk; edit sober.

Quote - Dalai Lama

Two Days

Collapsed Pier


Olive Oil Salad Dressing

Olive Oil Vinaigrette 

If your cooking steak, you'll want salad. If you prepare salad, your gonna need a salad dressing. Salad without dressing is bland and tasteless.  Forget store bought.

Here's a simple salad dressing to get ya going. To start, the base ingredients for a dressing are olive oil, wine vinegar, crushed black pepper, and salt.

The ratio is 4 parts oilive oil to 1 part vinegar.

Base Ingredients

  • 100 ml olive oil
  • 25 ml white wine vinegar
  • pepper
  • salt

Add ingredients to a vinaigrette dressing hand mixer and shake vigorously.

I normally go 100 ml olive oil and add 25 ml white wine vinegar. I buy the el-cheapo white wine vinegar, which goes fine in a salad dressing if I'm adding other ingredients.

You can go with olive oil and lemon juice instead of vinegar.

You can go with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, which is also nice.

For variety:

Add a finely chopped chilli pepper.

Add one or two cloves garlic.

Add dijon mustard.

Add blue cheese.

Add fresh basil or other herbs.

With dijon mustard - spoon in smooth french mustard and keep mixing till its a runny custard-like consistency . It makes a delicious hot salad dressing.

With blue cheese - crumble blue cheese or use a fork to break it up. Mix well, then add sour cream to get a really smooth texture and a rich dressing. Delicious.

Once mixed, store your dressing in the fridge. It keeps for weeks.

All the variations start with the basic olive oil + vinegar (or olive oil + lemon juice) starter.

Buy Extra Virgin Olive Oil for your salad dressing. The flavour is unbeatable. Don't bother adding other oils, they will impair the flavour. Store bought dressings use cheap industrial oils as the main ingredient, sometimes adding around 5% olive oil. Legally calling it olive oil dressing, which it is not.

Once you make your own, you will NEVER go back to store bought dressings.

Try it. Experiment, and have fun.

The Art of War - Sun Tzu

The Art of War - Sun Tzu
Translated by Lionel Giles

I. Laying Plans

1. Sun Tzu said: The art of war is of vital importance to the State.

2. It is a matter of life and death, a road either to safety or to ruin. Hence it is a subject of inquiry which can on no account be neglected.

3. The art of war, then, is governed by five constant factors, to be taken into account in one's deliberations, when seeking to determine the conditions obtaining in the field.

4. These are:
     (1) The Moral Law;
     (2) Heaven;
     (3) Earth;
     (4) The Commander;
     (5) Method and discipline.

5,6. The Moral Law causes the people to be in complete accord with their ruler, so that they will follow him regardless of their lives, undismayed by any danger.

The Kiss - Gustav Klimt

Klimt's Golden Period

Skating Backwards - Tips For Newbies

Tips For Beginners And Newbies

In the last few weeks, I came to terms with skating backwards. I finally cracked it. Its taken a couple of months, but now I feel comfortable skating in reverse.

As a newbie myself, I know how tough it is to get going backwards. While its still fresh in my mind, here are a few tips that may help.

Keep at it, its not just about balance. Your body needs time to build muscles you have not used before. It takes a week or so for muscle to build, then more time to build strength into those new muscle groups. Be patient, give your body time to learn the new techniques.

You are gonna fall. Accept it and prepare for it. Wear protection and fall with confidence rather than fear. I fell a lot, but its okay. I wear safety gear. Now, I only fall when I try new stuff or tricks.

1. Wear a crash hat
If you are skating backwards and spill, your falling weight will automatically throw your back towards the ground. A cracked skull is no fun. I repeat, wear a crash hat.

Movies - The Aura

The Aura

Another Ricardo Darin movie in Spanish with English subs. One of the first Darin movies I came across and I have liked him ever since. I've watched several of his films, this still holds its own.

The title refers to epileptic fits experienced by the protagonist.

This was director Fabián Bielinsky's second movie. Sadly, he died after completing this film.

A superb piece of Argentine film making.

Watch it.

Name: The Aura
Year: 2005
Director: Fabián Bielinsky
Stars: Ricardo Darin, Dolores Fonzi

Movies - Dallas Buyers Club

Drugs And Life

I've never been a big Matthew McConaughey fan, much of his earlier work was lightweight rom-com and chick-flick material. Remove that shirt and show your torso, Matt! I never managed to get through any of his earlier efforts.

I read good reviews about the Dallas Buyers Club, but good reviews are frequently misleading. Look at GravityCaptain AmericaLion KingUp, X-MenFinding Nemo, Rocky, Monsters Inc. All achieved a rating of 8 or above. I wouldn't waste an afternoon watching them. I'd rather get outside on my skates or read a decent book.

This was the first McConaughey movie I sat through. Most of his previous work, did not appeal. Since McConaughey turned 40, he's taken on more challenging roles and shown he has the talent. Jared Leto shines as the trans-gender Rayon.

Give it a shot.

Name: Dallas Buyers Club
Year: 2013
Director: Jean-Marc Vallée
Stars: Matthew McConaughey, Jennifer Garner, Jared Leto

Quote - Lao Tzu

Yesterday - Tomorrow - Today

Movies - Lord Of War

Worth A Look

Lord of War is a light, fast paced movie that poses a question on the morality of actions, but doesn't allow it to to get bogged down. Its light and easy viewing, with great performances from Cage and Leto.

I like Nic Cage. He's starred in a lot of 'duds', but when he chooses the right vehicle (Leaving Las VegasLord of War, National Treasure), he can produce the goods.

Due to his profilagate lifestyle, which resulted in unpaid taxes of $20 million or so, he's gone into overdrive, churning out such turkeys as Bangkok Dangerous,  Stolen,  Trespass,  Ghost Rider and a few others, to keep the IRS off his back. Cage had to sell some of his most prized assets, such as his English castle, his Bavarian castle, an island in the Bahamas, homes in California, Las Vegas, New Orleans, New York, one of his yachts, a gulfstream jet, and a few of the 50 luxury or sports cars he owns. When you've earned $150 million, you can indulge in a few luxuries.

Lord of War is good fun. Give it a shot.

Name: Lord Of War
Year: 2005
Director: Andrew Niccol
Stars: Nicolas Cage, Jared Letto, Ethan Hawke.

Movies - The Secret In Their Eyes

Worth A Look

I came across this gem by chance, as I'd watched other movies with Ricardo Darin, one of my favorite actors. I was digging around for something to watch and found this. It later won a well deserved Oscar for best foreign film, along with a truck load of other awards from around the globe.

If you have time to kill, give it a shot.

Name: The Secret In Their Eyes
Year: 2009
Director: Juan Jose Campanella
Stars: Ricardo Darin, Soledad Villamil.

How To Cook The Perfect Steak

4 Videos - 4 Methods

There are slight variations between the four methods, but essentially they agree on the basics:

1. Take steak from fridge and stand for 30 - 60 mins.

2. Season with salt and pepper

3. Add olive oil (to steak or pan)

4. Smoking hot fry pan

5. Caramelize steak surface to lock in juice and flavour

6. Allow to stand after cooking 5 - 10 mins.

Enjoy all 4 videos!

How To Cook The Perfect Steak - Jamie Oliver's mate Pete

How To Cook The Perfect Steak - Jamie Oliver

How To Cook The Perfect Steak - Gordon Ramsay

How To Cook Perfect Steak - Restaurant Secrets Revealed

Skating And Muscles Used

What Muscles Does Skating Work?

Inline skating works a variety of muscles throughout the body. Its a locomotive sport, so the leg and lower muscle groups are worked much harder than others.

The primary muscle groups used are the hips, buttocks, upper and lower legs (gluteals, quadraceps, hamstrings, hips, calf).

Secondary muscles groups are the upper and lower abs, shoulders and biceps and to a lesser degree, muscles of the trunk to aid respiration (trapezius, deltoids, abdominals, anterior serratus, latisimus dorsi, biceps, triceps).

Inline skating works the whole body and burns around 500 calories an hour, dependent on intensity of the workout. High intensity works muscles with greater force.

Skate Pencil Test

Do What?

I was reading up on some skate stuff last night and came across an old post on an ice hockey forum, talking about "The Pencil Test".

What is "The Skate Pencil Test?"

Its a simple test to ascertain depth and fit of skates from a particular brand during the buying process.

Some skate brands have a greater boot depth than other makes, when laced up. If the boot fails the pencil test, if often translates into lace bite, foot pain, foot instability, or poor circulation. To obviate this possibility, when buying new skates, just do "The Pencil Test".

The Pencil Test

1. Unlace the skates and push the tongue forward

2. Lay the pencil across the 3rd or 4th eyelets down from the top of the skate boot.

3. Check to see if the pencil rocks against your (socked) foot.

If you can't lay the pencil directly across the third eyelets (from the top) without touching your foot, you probably need a deeper boot.

Skate Socks And Blisters

Sweaty Feet

When I get home after skating, I'm hot and sweaty. My T-shirt is covered in sweat, same for pants, elbow guard, knee guard, helmet, socks and skate boots.

I remove the insole from my boots, loosen all laces and allow the boot to air-dry. I use kitchen towel to remove any sweat inside the boot, particularly the top-cap. I leave the insoles to dry out for an hour or more before putting them back in the boot.

Do the same for my helmet. Kitchen towel to dry any excess sweat, and allow to air dry before storing away.

Elbow and knee guards go in the shower with me for a rinse off, ready for next session. The rest go in the wash-machine.

I haven't had any blisters from skating yet, though I was reading on it yesterday. I came across this article on blisters, how to treat them and which socks to wear. Researchers found some socks perform worse than others. It seems all-cotton socks perform the worst when sweating. The best performing were nylon or synthetic blend. Cheaper socks performed as well as expensive ones.

Insulin and Its Metabolic Effects - Ron Rosedale, M.D.

A talk given by Ron Rosedale M.D. at BoulderFest, August 1999.

A long talk, partly technical. Worth reading to understand the impact carbs, sugar, and insulin have on your body, health, aging, weight loss.

By-Pass Surgery

F irst, let's talk about a couple of case histories. These are actual patients that I've seen; let's start with patient A. This patient saw me one afternoon and said that he had literally just signed himself out of the hospital "AMA," or against medical advice. Like in the movies, he had ripped out his IVs.

The next day he was scheduled to have his second by-pass surgery. He had been told that if he did not follow through with this surgery, within two weeks he would be dead. He couldn't even walk from the car to the office without severe chest pain.

He was on 102 units of insulin and his blood sugars were 300 plus. He was on eight different medications for various things. But his first by-pass surgery was such a miserable experience that he said he would rather die than go through the second one. He came to me because he had heard that I might be able to prevent this.

To make a long story short, this gentleman right now is on no insulin. I first saw him three and a half years ago. He plays golf four or five times a week. He is on no medications whatsoever, he has no chest pain, and he has not had any surgery. He started an organization called "Heart Support of America" to educate people about the alternatives to by-pass surgery that have nothing to do with surgery or medication. That organization, as he last told me, had a mailing list of over a million people.

Bearings Explained - Video

ABEC, Swiss, Ceramic, Steel Bearings Explained

Everything you didn't know about bearings, explained in this video.

Well, almost everything.

How Bearings Are Made - Video

YouTube Video

Informative and interesting video on bearing manufacture. Runs  4:39.

If you use inline skates, skateboard or roller skates, it may be of interest.

Vilhjalmur Stefansson - 3

Adventures in Diet

Vilhjalmur Stefansson

Harper's Monthly Magazine, January 1936

- Part Three -

Scurvy has been the great enemy of explorers. When Magellan sailed around the world four hundred years ago many of his crew died from it and most of the others were at times so weakened that they could barely handle the ships. When Scott's party of four went to the South Pole twenty three years ago their strength was sapped by scurvy; they were unable to maintain their travel schedule and died. Nor has scurvy been the nemesis of explorers only. Twenty years ago the British Army in the Near East was seriously handicapped, and last October an American doctor reported a hundred Ethiopian soldiers per day dying of scurvy. The disease worked havoc during the Alaska and Yukon gold rushes following 1896. Scores of miners died and hundred suffered.

Medical profession and laity equally believed for more than a hundred years that they knew exactly how to prevent and cure the disease, yet the method always failed on severe test.

The premise from which the doctors started was that vegetables, particularly fruits, prevent and cure scurvy. Since diet consists of animals and plants, the statement came to take the form that scurvy is cause by meat and cured by vegetables. Finally the doctors standardized on lime juice as the best of preventatives and cures. They name it a sure cure, a specific. Lawmakers followed the doctors. It is on the statute books of many countries that on long voyages the crews are to be supplied with lime juice and induced or compelled to take it.

Vilhjalmur Stefansson - 2

Adventures in Diet

Vilhjalmur Stefansson

Harper's Monthly Magazine, December 1935

- Part Two -

Now that the experiments in diet which Karsen Anderson and I undertook at Bellevue Hospital have been accepted by the medical world, it is difficult to realize that there could have been such a storm of excitement about the announcement of the plan, such a violent clash of opinions, such near unanimity to the prediction of dire results.

The feeling that decisive controlled test were needed began to spread after I told one of the scientific heads of the Food Administration in 1918 that I had lived for an aggregate of more than five years with enjoyment on just meat and water. A turning point came in 1920 when I had an hour for explaining a meat regimen to the physicians and staff at the Mayo Clinic. The concluding phase began in 1928 when Mr. Anderson and myself entered Bellevue Hospital to give science the first chance in its history to observe human subjects while they lived through the chill of winter and the heat of summer, for twelve months, on an exclusive meat diet. We were to do it under conditions of ordinary city life.

At the beginning of our northern work in 1906 it was the accepted view among doctors and dietitians that man cannot live on meat alone. They believed specifically that a group of serious diseases were either caused directly by meat or preventable only by vegetables. Those views were still being held when the autumn of 1918, an old friend, Frederic C. Walcott (later Senator from Connecticut), decided that my experiences and the resulting opinions were revolutionary in certain fields, and introduced me to Professor Raymond Pearl of John Hopkins, who was then with the U.S. Food Administration in Washington. Pearl considered several of the things I told him upsetting to views then held; he questioned me before a stenographer, and sent the mimeographed results to a number of dietitians. Their replies varied from concurrence with him (and me) to agreement with David Hume that you are likelier to meet a thousand liars than one miracle.

Vilhjalmur Stefansson - 1

Adventures in Diet

Vilhjalmur Stefansson

Harper's Monthly Magazine, December 1935

- Part One -

In 1906 I went to the Arctic with the food tastes and beliefs of the average American. By 1918, after eleven years as an Eskimo among Eskimos, I had learned things which caused me to shed most of those beliefs. Ten years later I began to realize that what I had learned was going to influence materially the sciences of medicine and dietetics. However, what finally impressed the scientists and converted many during the last two or three years, was a series of confirmatory experiments upon myself and a colleague performed at Bellevue Hospital, New York City, under the supervision of a committee representing several universities and other organizations.

Not so long ago the following dietetic beliefs were common: To be healthy you need a varied diet, composed of elements from both the animal and vegetable kingdoms. You got tired of and eventually felt a revulsion against things if you had to eat them often. This latter belief was supported by stories of people who through force of circumstances had been compelled, for instance, to live for two weeks on sardines and crackers and who, according to the stories, had sworn that so long as they lived they never would touch sardines again. The Southerners had it that nobody can eat a quail a day for thirty days.

There were subsidiary dietetic views. It was desirable to eat fruits and vegetables, including nuts and coarse grains. The less meat you ate the better for you. If you ate a good deal of it, you would develop rheumatism, hardening of the arteries, and high blood pressure, with a tendency to breakdown of the kidneys - in short, premature old age. An extreme variant had it that you would live more healthy, happily, and longer if you became a vegetarian.

Specifically it was believed, when our field studies began, that without vegetables in your diet you would develop scurvy. It was a "known fact" that sailors, miners, and explorers frequently died of scurvy "because they did not have vegetables and fruits." This was long before Vitamin C was publicized.

ABEC Skate Bearings

ABEC Marketing Hype

I came across this item on ABEC bearings, and thought it would be worth re-posting. It makes interesting reading.

1. The source

The following has been largely taken from an excellent description of bearings by Miniature Bearings Australia

2. What is the meaning of ABEC ?

ABEC is an acronym for Annular Bearing Engineering Committee of the AFBMA (Anti-Friction Bearing Manufacturers Association Inc). The ABEC grades of bearings is a set of standards for the manufacturing tolerances of bearings. All quality manufacturers around the world manufacture to at least ABEC 1 standard. If you were to ask your local bearing supplier for a 608ZZ, you would almost certainly receive an ABEC 1 bearing.

3. Is there a lower grade than ABEC 1 ?

There is no GRADE lower than ABEC 1, but that doesn't mean that a manufacturer has to meet ABEC standards. There are a lot of small bearing manufacturers that are not publishing any data on their manufacturing standards, so beware. Be aware that the skate manufacturers are not usually also bearing manufacturers. Bearings are often purchased in bulk lots with the purchasers brand name (or whatever name the purchaser requests) stamped on the bearing. Some well known skate manufacturers may be buying their bearings from the cheapest, least quality conscious bearing manufacturer, and you would never know. Buy your bearings on the reputation of the bearing manufacturer rather than that of the skate manufacturer. Stick to bearing brands that are well known and you won't go wrong.

Skate Width Explained

Give Me Width

Skate brands differ in width and designation. There is no consistency, its very confusing.

Which do I buy: 'C', 'D', 'E', 'EE', 'R', 'W'?

Skates normally come in three widths: Narrow, Standard, Wide.

Here's a run through of width markings.


Looks like Alkali only offer a single width.

Bauer / Mission

C - Narrow
D - Regular / Standard
EE - Wide
R - Regular / Standard

Bauer / Mission do not have an 'E' width.

CCM / Reebok

C - Narrow
D - Regular / Standard
E - Wide

CCM / Reebok do not have a 'EE' width.


C - Narrow
D - Regular / Standard
EE - Wide
R - Regular / Stardard
W - Wide


D - Regular / Standard
EE - Wide

Why do some brands (Bauer) jump from 'D' to 'EE'  with no 'E' ?
While others (Reebok) go from 'D' to 'E' with no 'EE' ?
Why are there different widths designations ?
Why is there no standardization ?

I read somewhere that CCM  (who happen to manufacture Reebok skates) patented the skate "E" width, so no other brand can use it. That's why the logical sequence of is not used. Blame CCM for trying to get a marketing advantage.

Whichever brand you choose, you should first try the skate for size before buying.

Hope this helps.

Skate Size Guide

Buying The Right Size

Getting skates that fit is a problem. The wrong sized skates can cause blisters, skin abrasion and make it difficult to skate.

If you use the skates on ice, road or park, it will cause wearing, scuffs, knocks, erosion, and age the skates, and distress the boots. They will lose that "brand new / unused" look and feel, which means you can't return the skate for a smaller size.

Its rare someone will buy a skate  that's too small or too tight. Most people buy skates too big for their foot size.

As you use new skates, they 'break-in' to your foot shape. If the skate's too big and loose from day one, after a few weeks they will loosen some more. To skate right, you need a tight, close fitting boot, with no foot movement in the skate. You're not gonna enjoy skating in oversize boots. The boot should hug your foot on all sides:

Length - front to back. Width - side to side. Height - top to bottom.

The first pair of skates I bought, fitted me like a shoe or hiking boot. Wrong!

I thought I wanted a good fit, comfortable but not too tight. Wrong again!

Excited, as they were my first pair and I thought they were great, until one morning down the park, I realized I don't skate in hiking boots. After the initial stiffness was gone and the boot was somewhat broken-in, I was tightening the laces on those suckers, like I was garrotting them.

Bauer Vapor X60R

New Boots

The King is dead, long live the King. The K2 F.I.T. 84 soft boot skates are gone. They are history. Make way for the Bauer Vapor X60R, inline hockey skate. The new kid in town.

Though I've been skating less than a year, I realized the K2s were not for me. If all ya wanna do is skate a straight line, occasional recreational skating, or skate for fitness, as the name suggests, stick with F.I.T. 84s, will be fine. But if you wanna do things other than straight-lines, you have a problem.

I didn't know it when I started, but I want to skate other styles, do other, do more. Way more. Urban-City, Freestyle, Slalom. These are calling, and I'm coming... soon.

I was gonna get some Seba FR1 Deluxe, but couldn't find a pair to fit. It seems Seba don't manufacture the half-size I need. I settled on the Bauer Vapor, and these are so good. Way better than the K2s, for the kinda stuff I wanna do.

I love the Bauers. I love these boots . They are so responsive. They grip, they twist, they turn. They slip, they slide.

The Bauers are stiff, the K2s are soft. Bauers have 76mm/80mm wheels, K2s have 84s. Bauers are hard, K2s are cushioned. Bauers are laced, K2s have straps. Bauers have hard wheels, K2s have soft. Bauer's go with you, K2s do not. The two sets are so different.

Why do I love these boots so much? Wherever I point, they go. Wherever I wish, they follow. The Bauers are obedient, and supremely good, compared to the K2s stubborn refusal to co-operate. They inspire confidence, not caution. The Bauers are light, solid, rigid and responsive. You get feedback from the terrain, the surface, the level of grip and maneuvers.

Bauers come fitted with soft 76mm/80mm 76a duro wheels on a stiff, hi-lo profile aluminium alloy frame. I replaced the standard indoor wheels with a harder compound 83a duro, while I break the boots in. Next set of wheel purchase will be, Hyper 76mm/80mm 85a Concrete 'G', Gyro F2R 84a, or Matter Juice F1s / F2s.


X-ribbed one-piece construction

Embossed heel cup

felt with metatarsal guard

Durable TPR

Chassis / Frame:
Vanguard Hi-Lo Accelerator Aluminum Frame

Hi-Lo HL1 76A indoor wheels

Hi-Lo Abec 7 bearings

1285 grams

The Fastest Method To Shell Hard Boiled Eggs

Shell hard boiled eggs in seconds

The steps:

1. Get a plastic container with lid
2. Add water to the container
3. Add hard boiled eggs
4. Add lid cover
5. Then shake

Watch the video.

William Banting - Low Carb Pioneer

Are You Banting?

The year is 1862. William Banting, a wealthy coffin maker and undertaker, weighs 202 lbs. Having previously tried several weight-loss methods and failed, at the behest of his physician, Dr. William Harvey, Banting starts his seminal low-carbohydrate diet.

Over the course of the next 12 months, Banting lost over 46 lbs. taking his weight down to 156 lbs. After experiencing frustration and failure, having struggled with many other dieting methods, Banting was so impressed with the results of the low-carbohydrate method, he put his method into print in the form of a pamphlet for free distribution to the general public, thinking he would not be able to sell it.

The reception was spectacularly good, selling some 63,000 copies. The diet was so widespread at the time, people would ask: "Do you Bant?".

The word "Bant" entered the English language, meaning "to lose weight".

There's a post with Banting's pamphlet / letter.

Letter On Corpulence - William Banting


Addressed to the Public

Bookseller to the Queen and H.R.H. the Prince of Wales



It is with no slight degree of pride and satisfaction that I presume to publish a fourth edition of my Letter on Corpulence, in the hope and belief that it may still further interest and benefit the Public. The preceding editions were composed and issued with all sorts of apparent defects and deformities from my utter inability to afford any substantial evidence of the merit and utility of the system beyond my own personal and short experience. Five years have now elapsed since the third edition was published. It has happily attained a world-wide circulation, and afforded me a vast amount of pleasure and gratification, derived from the conviction that I have been the means of bringing under public consideration and discussion one of the little known and much neglected laws of nature. The popularity of my unpretending brochure is manifest, not only in the surprising sale of no less than 63,000 copies, in this country alone, but by its translation into foreign languages and its large and rapid circulation in France, Germany, and the United States. In addition to this I have received nearly 2,000 very complimentary and grateful letters from all quarters of the world.

Vilhjalmur Stefansson - Quotes

Ethical Advertising

What is the difference between unethical and ethical advertising?

Unethical advertising uses falsehoods to deceive the public. Ethical advertising uses truth to deceive the public.
-- Vilhjalmur Stefansson


False modesty is better than none.
-- Vilhjalmur Stefansson


The philosophers of the Middle Ages demonstrated both that the Earth did not exist and also that it was flat. Today they are still arguing about whether the world exists, but they no longer dispute about whether it is flat.
-- Vilhjalmur Stefansson