Inline Skating Wrist Guards

Broken Wrists And Tales Of Woe

Skating backwards takes a ton of practice, effort, concentration and determination. Why? Cos I fall over... a lot.

The season is autumn or fall. Depends which side of the Atlantic you sit. But fall is quite appropriate just now.

1. - verb. To drop or descend under the force of gravity.
2. - noun. Season after summer and before winter. Autumn.

Twigs, leaves, stones, conkers, pebbles, seeds, and small branches are strewn across the basketball pitches where I skate at the local park. They litter the whole area where I practice, as its ringed by very tall mature trees. The stage I'm at, I cannot negotiate small obstructions, skating backwards, without hitting the deck.

I wear K2 wrist guards to protect my fragile wrists, but each fall reminds me how sore they are and the pounding they take. My wrists take such a whack, they're sore for days after.

The K2 wrist guards, are poor protection at best. They provide minimal and insufficient protection. Falling over this morning, I realized they lack sufficient rubber-foam padding, and they're not long enough to dissipate the energy from a fall. The bindings are poorly designed. The front velcro strap, barely holds the wrist guard in place. They've saved me from worse injury, but I feel they are not quite up to the demands of the job.

I fell three times this morning. Each time, travelling backwards. Each time, my wheels hit a stone or a twig. Each time, my wrists took the full impact. I intend to carry on skating (for many years). The K2 wrist guards are a poor investment in wrist and bone integrity. I need to invest in better protection. These are pretty useless.

Time to Google. One hour later, I find what I'm looking for:

Flexmeter Wrist Guards PLUS

Protection, at a price. These are sturdy, robust, and designed by a French sports injury surgeon specializing in wrist injuries. Most of the feedback is positive. I'm gonna buy these wrist guards on my next payday. Heavy duty protection.

The Flexmeter Wrist Guards come in three sizes. On Amazon, size information is detailed lower down the page. Scroll down to product details. Measure your middle finger to your wrist bend as a size guide. Small - Up to 17.5cm. Medium - 17.5cm to 19.0cm. Large- More than 19.0cm.

I'll live with the K2's for a few more outings, and ensure I limit my reverse skating till better wrist protection arrives.

On YouTube I watched a video of a skateboarder breaking his wrist. Its too damn easy to do that. As he tumbles, his arm stretches out to catch and stabilize. The break is inevitable. It looks painful. No thanks. Not for me.

The video drums home the message. Wrist breaks are no fun. Hours in A&E. Days off work. Loss of pay. Hours away from inline and ice skates, until wrists recover. (You cannot skate with broken wrists and risk another fall). Forget it. A few weeks back, I fell and injured a leg muscle. I could not skate for ten days. I missed the skating, the exercise, the open air and the weight training. I won't go through that again. No way.

Its a no-brainer. I'll buy the Flexmeter Wrist Guards Plus and skate on through Autumn and Winter.