Inline Skates Advice

Purchase Advice

When I started skating I invested in a pair of quality boots. I knew I was serious about skating, and saw no sense in wasting money on cheap skate boots. I purchased K2 FIT 84 inline skates. They have a soft boot construction, an aluminium frame, 84mm wheels on ILQ7 bearings. Its a good quality skate.

The soft boot, as the name suggests, is soft and pliable. Its easy on the foot. The aluminium frame is rigid and transfers energy from your legs to the wheels and ultimately to the floor with little energy loss. The 84mm wheels are large, that means fast. The first few weeks, those damn large diameter wheels were just too fast for the total newbie, struggling with stability, balance, and weak unconditioned leg muscles.

Now I've been skating for several weeks, wheel size and speed is not a problem. The rigid aluminium frame minimizes energy loss and the skates are comfortable now they have bed in.

One observation about skate boots; buy them tight. Your toes should barely touch the front of the boot. The rest of the boot, should fit like a second skin. The boot should hug your foot like it grew on you. You want zero movement in those skate boots. Lace them tight. Strap them tight. Keep them tight.

To add to my skate training regime, I bought Bauer Ice Skates. Those Bauers are light and tight. They fit like a second skin. After skating (on ice) on the Bauers, I realize my K2's are probably 1/2 size too big. I take a size 8 1/2 training shoe. The K2s are size 9. They fit no problem, but they could fit tighter.

Looking back on when I started skating, the skate boots were too loose. Not that I had much time to notice. I was way too busy fighting to stay upright and moving in the right direction.

Now I have balance, feel and confidence, I can feel the boots were not done up tight enough, at the start. I pull those laces so tight, they almost stop blood flow. The K2 boots hug my foot tight, very tight.

My advice, for what its worth. Buy a skate with enough length, but make sure the boot hugs your foot.