Inline Skate Newbie

No Brakes

The K2 FIT 84 Inline skates come pre-fitted with a heel brake on the right skate. From day one, I never used it. Its the kinda thing a newbie would probably use for braking as they learn to skate. If you're serious about skating, two braking techniques are essential.

1. 'T' stop brake
The 'T' stop is used for stopping at low speed. Its also used to control or reduce speed.

2. Hockey stop brake
The hockey stop or powerslide is the more powerful braking technique and can be used as an emergency brake. Both cause wear, as they chew up wheel material as you brake.

After a few weeks of enduring the annoying heel brake, I removed it this week. I picked up replacement axle bolts. The heel brake axle bolt is 1/4 inch longer than the other seven bolts. No spares were supplied with the skates.

With the heel brake gone, I can circle cross-overs without stumbling on the heel projection.

Zipper Action


A recent post on zippers, I expressed the view that YKK brand zippers were supreme, flawless zips, that just worked, worked and then worked some more. Yesterday, the zipper on the jacket I mentioned in the post, failed again. That's zip failure number 3.

For the cost of a decent YKK zipper, approx £1, the jacket has been compromised. Its a £60 jacket.

Now the choice is to have a new zip fitted at a cost of £25, or ditch the jacket.

Guess I won't be buying from Surplus Clothing Company again!