Zipper Malfunction

YKK... Not

Bought a jacket a few months back, from Surplus Clothing at The jacket was fine. Good fit, good quality, okay style, moderate price. I bought track-suit tops and sweatshirts from the same company.

The jacket cost around £60 ($100). A sturdy jacket with good build quality, except for the main zipper. On first usage, I had an eerie feeling the zipper might fail. The zip movement was jerky, without the smooth action normally associated with a good zipper.

A few months later the zipper failed twice. Each time I'm away from home, its cold and wet. The zipper yawns open, the jacket flaps wide with wind and rain pounding my exposed t-shirt underneath. Inconvenient or what?

If you manufacture and sell a quality jacket, why spoil the product with a crummy zipper? I don't get it. Zips cost pennies to purchase. On a £50 jacket, its totally senseless to use an inferior zipper product, which may spoil the garment. If the main zipper fails on a jacket, the cost of replacement probably means you'll dump the jacket and purchase a new one, from a different manufacturer. The crummy zip has lost the company a customer. I won't buy from them again.

A zipper works by pulling the opposing sets of teeth together by a slider, to engage and hold the zipper shut. When the zipper on my jacket failed, the teeth though engaged, would separate, opening the jacket to the bad weather.

What caused that? On close inspection, I noticed the slider base had widened or opened up. I took pliers to the slider base and closed them together. That fixed the problem for a while, till the next time, the zipper yawned open.

The best zips in the world are made by YKK, a Japanese zip manufacturer. You probably have apparel with YKK zip fastners. YKK are so good, you don't think about them. You take them for granted. They just work. YKK zips are functional, robust, durable and long-lasting.

YKK stands for Yoshida Kogyo Kabushikikaisha which translates as Yoshida Manufacturing Corporation. The history of YKK is interesting. They started making zippers in 1934. After a number of years building up the business, they found some of their supplier materials used in the manufacture of their zippers were not of the quality they desired. YKK started making their own metal parts instead of buying in. Then made their own fabric. The manufacturing know-how was fed back to producing their own zip making machines. YKK took every stage of zip manufacture, in-house. They could control quality more easily, rework design, and greatly improve product quality and profitability.

As with many Japanese companies, YKK worked to improve quality and reduce costs. YKK makes dependable zips, offers an extensive range of styles and colours and delivers product to meet their customer needs.

Dependable, reliable, quality zips at an affordable price. YKK, the best zip maker in the world.