Inline Skates - Newbie

You're Gonna Fall

Been skating for three weeks now and I have tumbled a lot. I hurt my rib cage, hurt my wrists, hurt my thigh-muscle, hurt my finger, hurt my elbow and hurt my ass. What else is new?

If you're new to skating, spare yourself the agony and get a protective pad set, before your first fall. Knees, elbows and wrists are most vulnerable. After a hard landing, a broken wrist is no fun. Invest in head protection too, even if its only an el-cheapo helmet.

You may look and feel a little stupid with all that protective gear on, but you'll tumble with confidence and a fair degree of safety. You can't guarantee 100% safe, as inline skating is a mildly dangerous activity. It doesn't rank up there with sky-diving, shark-wrestling, high-wire walking, or jumping the grand canyon on motorcycle, but you will accumulate bumps and bruises.

Purchase medium to good quality protective gear and spend less time in A&E. Even when you're fully kitted out with all the protection you can muster, you'll still hurt yourself.

I pulled a leg muscle 10 days ago, limped to work, and have not been able to get on those wheels since. A few more days, I'll be fixed again and venture out to the nearest park.

Before the leg injury, I was practicing cross-overs. Large circles, one foot crossing over the other to provide the turn. Switching sides and moving in the opposite direction, and working the opposite cross-over foot. The drill helps with balance and builds confidence. I ran over a large fallen twig and kissed the tarmac, pulling a leg muscle when I fell.

I'm itching to get back on those wheels again.

I've got the skating bug.