Happy TV Adverts


Watching TV is a rare event for me, but I recently noticed how happy people appear to be in TV adverts. Ya know the type, McDonalds Happy Meal, KFC Happy Family Meal, Pizza Hut Happy Family Gorge, Coca Cola makes everyone Happy, Pepsi Happy Dudes.
Enough food, lets talk cars. Happy, smiling, driving cool cars through empty town streets, empty winding road, green traffic-free countryside. Even sassy young chicks driving through building sites to by-pass traffic hold-ups, smiling, gleeful, happy.

Adverts are wonderful. Always wonderful. Showing the truly joyful wonderful side of the world available to us, if we would only purchase their product. Buy McDonalds or KFC and you too can have a wonderful happy family. Its easy. The corporations are successful selling this message of happiness, and making billions in profits each year.
Why do so many respond to the call for happiness?
Life and the world is torn into the pairs of opposites. There is dark and light. Hot and cold. Tall and short. Fast and slow. Good and bad. Right and wrong. Left and right. Up and down. Rich and poor. Happy and sad. Wet and dry. Hard and soft. Sun and moon. Life and death. North and South. Yin and Yang. You could carry all day. The list is endless.
Nature strives for balance, equilibrium, homeostasis. If there is excess in one part, Nature moves to the opposite to provide balance. Being a part of Nature, humans operate under the same law, mostly unconscious of it. If you're hot, you take a cold drink to cool ya down. When you're hungry, you eat. When you're cold, you put on a sweater or a coat.
Understanding the pairs of opposites, you can see how happy TV marketing works.
How does the Happy TV Ad Marketing fit into this?
Most people are generally unhappy in life. Yeah its true. Most people ARE unhappy and discontent, dissatisfied. Look at your co-workers. How many are smiling, joyful, ebullient?
Do you wake every morning full of beans, ready to take on another day?
Human beings are driven by primitive impulses, two of which are food and water. Why?
Without water, you die in a few days. Without food, you can survive for weeks or months dependent on body fat. The body's impulse to eat and drink is very powerful, and often the cause of over-eating and obesity. The corporations understand this and utilize it to their profit.
McDonalds, BurgerKing, Dominos, Pizza-Hut, KFC, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and many other corporations manipulate this human response to their advantage.
The advertising is two fold:
1. Happiness
If people are generally unhappy, offer them happiness. The opportunity to enjoy and experience happiness is a powerful stimulus.
2. Nourishment
The body's desire for nutrients is a powerful imperative.
Advertising utilize both elements to manipulate individuals to buy product in their desire to "be happy" and to satiate their "need to feed".
The corporations only want your hard earned dollars/pounds/euros. Once you have been fleeced, you hold little interest, aside from a return visit to purchase more.
The only happy people, aside from those shown in the ads, are the share holders and profit makers.