Fair Use Policy

Unlimited BS

Come buy from us. Sign up. We have the best product. Best price. Best availability. Best utilization. Best customer support. Unlimited usage*.

Wow sounds like a great deal. Its cheap. Low price. Way lower than competitors. Looks too good to be true. I better sign up. Snap the deal. Before it ends.

Few weeks later. Dumb. No connection. Durh! On the phone to CS. Customer Support say I exceeded my upload / download fair usage limit. What??? How is that possible? How do you exceed unlimited. That's what I signed for. That's what I paid for. How do I exceed "unlimited" usage. It is so dumb it doesn't warrant discussion.

Dictionary.com says:

Limited: restricted, confined.
Unlimited: boundless, unrestricted, not confined.

Take a look at Orange Mobile Fair Usage Policy on SMS:

Unlimited text bundle terms and conditions
  • These terms apply to all Orange customers purchasing an unlimited text bundle
  • Text Messages are standard person to person texts within the UK. Text message delivery notifications not included.+
  • The offer is subject at all times to a fair usage policy of 3,000 texts (as appropriate) each month. Usage above this amount will constitute abuse and Orange may monitor usage and withdraw the Offer from your account if the fair usage policy is abused.
  • Purchase of these bundles is, in addition to these terms, subject to your normal Terms and Conditions for the Supply of Orange Network Services which can be found at www.orange.co.uk/mobileterms.
  • Orange reserves the right to replace, amend or withdraw the offer (in whole or part) or these terms at any time on reasonable notice.
You get stuff like this all the time. Its you versus the corporation.

More input ya dont wanna read: http://uk.answers.yahoo.com/question/index?id=20090517031601AAQ9uXw

What does 'subject to a fair use policy' mean?

I'm wanting to buy the Blackberry Pearl on play.com and it's telling me I can get it on pay as you go with unlimited internet and emails. But in brackets it says (subject to a fair use policy). It's on T Mobile and their deal is free internet for a year, is this product misleading me and going to take the free internet advantage off me after a year?


Are you Tmobile UK? They consider "unlimited" internet about 3 gigs a month. You're right, IT IS misleading. 3 gigs ain't unlimited. Some US companies consider "unlimited" to be 5 gigs. To most people , UNLIMITED is UNLIMITED. Basically, a fair use policy is what is FAIR for THEM, not you or I. In other words its corporate bull. You can still use it, but the best way around any internet limitations is to get a phone with wifi and use free hotspots all the time so that it truly is UNLIMITED. Good luck.

How can "Unlimited" become "Limited" and where does fair usage come into the mix?

Unlimited has nothing to do with "fair usage".

The answer is simple.

Its a Lie!

Corporations are allowed to lie along with other BS they throw at ya.

People believe the lie. They buy product / service. Discover after.

Snake Oil.