More Thrift


More ideas for thrifty living. If you are not enticed by the idea of wearing brand name clothing, and not intimidated by peers questioning your unbranded lifestyle, Primark and Asda stores supply good quality clothing at knock-down prices.

I badly need T-shirts, boxer shorts and socks. I could go with brand names and end up paying way more than I need to. Or I could go unbranded and get them dirt cheap. Hmmm. What to do?
Branded T-shirts (Diesel or Amani) run at £30 to £35 each. Armani branded boxers (as promoted by David Beckham) or Calvin Klein boxers run at £12 to £25 each. Socks at £10. If I buy 3x T-shirts its £90 to £100. For 3x boxers its £69, and socks at £10. Buying brands I'll pay around £170 for the set.

Nike T-shirts with graphics cost between £15 and £25 each. If you want branded, you have to pay more.

Going unbranded and buying the el-cheapo range from Asda, 3x plain white or black T-shirts cost £8. 4x plain black boxers cost £10. Socks 5x pack cost £5. Total outlay £23.

This is tough. £170 or £23? What's it to be? Decision time.

No contest. Unbranded it is.

I spend £23 and put the £147 I didn't spend, into the savings account.

Thrifty living.