New Phone
Having started with the intention of thrifty living for the year, My old LG mobile phone stopped holding a charge.  A battery would cost £5 plus postage. Not worth the money. I needed a new phone. 

It would be nice to get an iPhone 5 or a Samsung Galaxy SIII, but that's out the question. I'm living thrifty. I've seen "Special Offers" running £35 to £50 a month on a 24 month contract! That's only £960 or £1200, if you don't overshoot your monthly allowance. How affordable is that? Err, try insane. I'm not gonna pay that kinda dough. I'd rather put the money in the bank, than give it to the phone company.

I checked out online offers and found a great deal at Argos. A Samsung E1230 Pay-As-You-Go, on the Orange Network. Cost: £8.99 + £10 initial credit top up. Wow, at £19 the phones mine and no monthly debt hanging over my head for the next two years. I'm sold on the deal.

Its a great little phone, much faster than the LG I had before. On standby or light usage, the phone holds a charge for a week. One drawback. It doesn't have a camera, but I can live with that. I have a decent digicam if I need to take any pix.

I must confess, I don't use my mobile phone much. Mostly incoming calls and sending a few text messages. Monthly top up never goes over £10. Some months, I can keep it at £5. If I indulge, my phone costs will run to £120. If I keep it tight, it will cost £60. I guess it will probably be somewhere between the two. I can live with a £90 phone bill for the year.

Once your in the swing of thrifty living, its not so hard. Resist the temptation to splash out.

Self-discipline is the key.