Diabetes Nerve Damage

Scary Stuff

Writing and doing research for a blogpost on Vitamins this week, I followed a link and came across this page over at WebMD and this page over at DiabetesWellbeing.

Its Diabetes Neuropathy, and I was kinda shocked to see the nerve damage done by high blood sugar levels. The reading drills home the point about the damage that high sugar levels do to the body.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I don't use sugar. I can't tolerate grains, my body can't break them down. In a perverse way, I've been spared the ordeal of eating grains and the blood sugar spikes they cause.

I have relatives that suffer from type-2 diabetes. I've watched them draw blood to measure blood sugar levels. Watched them settle down for the evening, eating fruit, chocolate, cake, cookies. Watching in disbelief. Flooding their bodies with sugar, then taking insulin medication to control the tsunami of sugar they ingested. Totally crazy.

One relative, the diabetes resulted in such poor circulation, she can't walk far. A few hundred yards at most. She gets cold quickly, again due to poor circulation. Another symptom I noticed, she gets tired, which results in mood swings, if she has to do anything other than her fixed routine.

Its been years since I took sugar, and recently cut out grains. I suffer from Celiac disease, so cannot tolerate grains. My diet is almost ketogenic or paleo. I exist mostly on meat, eggs, non-starchy vegetables, sour cream, with cheese or full-fat yogurt thrown in from time to time. Most calories come from olive oil or the natural fats in meat/cheese/yogurt.

Not running the body on sugar, means the highs and lows are levelled out. As most calories come from fats and proteins. If no food is available, or if I skip a meal I don't experience a sugar crash. If there is no food, the body simply switches from dietary fat to body fat, without distress.

If you're a marathon runner, burning up miles each day, you can consume sugar and grains no problem. If your a regular joe, with a sedentary lifestyle, its more difficult.

High sugar and grain consumption is responsible for the obesity and diabetes epidemic sweeping through the world. Gary Taubes gives a talk on the subject. Its around 60mins, if you have the time or the mind to watch it.

If your a high sugar consumer, diabetes and nerve damage are waiting for you.