Blogger Bug Fix

Code Problems
Blogger mostly does a good job, though its not 100% error free.

If you switch from Compose to HTML mode to layout a blog post, when you switch back to Compose and save your work, Blogger insists on rearranging the layout of the page. Blogger adds additional line breaks. Graphics get repositioned.

Saving your work in HTML mode retains your layout.
Here's how to fix it.
Switch to HTML mode and find the line:

<div style="text-align: justify;">
<br /></div>

Delete it.

Another problem I encountered recently, draft content gets overwritten.

Find the image and delete the line break:

<br />

That will push he image back in line with text content.

A while back I started a blog post on Gnome 3 and saved it in draft. Went back to drafts and loaded the Gnome 3 post. The contents had been replaced with content from another post. I lost all content.

Its difficult to recall what you wrote a few weeks down the road. I have no choice but to rewrite the blog post with new content.