No More Pain

Goodbye Grains
After much research and some experimentation, I ditched grains and most carbs last week.  This is not a knee-jerk, I have been working on this for some time.

Being one of the small percentage that has difficulty with grains, I always had problems digesting them. I would experience pain, bloating, and many of the other painful symptoms. I love bread. Love french bread. Love German rye bread. I love bread in all its various forms. Love croissants. Love dutch apple cake.

I continued to eat grains and endure the pain that would inevitably follow. The only grains I could eat with little adverse reaction was rice. Any other grain I ate punished me soon after.

I researched and read extensively on alternative diets and regimens. I decided after years of suffering in near silence to ditch grains completely. Along with most other carbs. I don't have a sweet tooth and rarely use sugar.

The problem you hit when you eliminate carbs from your diet, is it creates a BIG hole in your calorific intake. Follow me. Carbs normally constitute around 50% of our calories. Remove carbs, what else do you eat?

That's a question that requires serious consideration and addresses some issues.

Over the last 50+ years, we have been led to believe that "Fat is bad".  Unfortunately I'm not convinced that it's true.

Not all fat is bad. Fat is essential component of any diet, and for many body processes. Recent research underpins this fact. Aside from all the scaremongering that goes on in the media, such as newspapers, TV, news, we also have mis-information propagated by such respected institutions as The Mayo Clinic. They postulate that saturated fat can cause heart disease along with diabetes.

So if I live on a diet with a high saturated fat content, I'm gonna develop diabetes? Where do they get this kind of crap from?

The Inuit Indians living in the Arctic Circle have for thousands of years lived on an exclusive diet of whale blubber, seal blubber (whale fat, seal fat), fish and little or no vegetables. There is almost zero incidence of heart disease, and absolutely no incidence of diabetes, among the Inuit Indians living on their traditional diets. The Inuit's that have succumbed to the advances of civilization and switched to a western style diet, have developed heart and diabetes. (Wonder if its the food they consume that's causing it?).

So, how does that work. A diet based exclusively on saturated fat, with zero diabetes in over 100, 000 years.

The human body is a magnificent complex structure that certainly knows what it's doing, when supplied with the correct simple nutrients it requires. It survived over 4 million years of evolution without the aid of medical science and did pretty well.

If saturated fats are so bad for your heart, why does the body store energy for lean periods in the form of saturated fats? Look at the tyre wrapped round your waist. What is that? Its saturated fat. If saturated fat is so bad for the heart, vascular system, why does the body store energy in the form of saturated fat? It might as well store it as poison, if it wants to kill ya.

Is the body working surreptitiously to destroy the heart it's dependent on? I don't think so. I would suspect that modern science with its 'BIG' egos and state of denial, refuses to accept the fact that Ancel Keys, the father of the 'Fat Hypothesis' was wrong, when he offered his 7 countries study.

Talking about Ancel Keys, was his study based on the findings of 7 countries? No. It wasn't. How many countries were involved in the original study? Try 22 countries? What happened to the other 15? They didn't fit the theory, so they were removed to make it look like saturated fat was a baddie?

What kind of science is that? Is that what you call real science or psuedo science? You work it out.

To put it in an easily digestible format, there are 4 kinds of fats. Two kinds are good. Two kinds are bad:

Good Fats

Saturated Fats - These are primarily from animal sources and coconut oil

Monounsaturated Fats - These are mainly nut and fruit oils

Bad Fats

Polyunsaturated Fats - These are mainly from seed oils sources.

Trans Fats - These are deadly. Avoid at all costs.