Liverpool Renaissance

A New Beginning
Liverpool have undergone several poor seasons, under different managers. Including Rafa Benitez, Roy Hodgson, Kenny Dalglish. I had reservations about all three.

I predicted a short tenure for King Kenny, who I felt was out of his depth. Kenny Dalglish was King first time round. His second visit, was more akin to a peasant who was an imposter.

In the 20 Year period between King Kenny's first and last stints as Liverpool boss, too much has changed. I honestly felt King Kenny had not kept up with the massive changes in English football, and in particular, in the Premier League.

Throughout the season Kenny and the team looked bereft of ideas.

King Kenny's purchases:

Andy Carroll..............35,000,000
Luis Suarez................22,700,000
Stewart Downing......20,000,000
Jordan Henderson....16,000,000
Charlie Adam...............7,500,000
Sebastien Coates.........7,000,000
Jose Enrique................6,000,000


After a total expenditure of £120 million, the performance was dire. King Kenny threw big money at mediocre players. You cannot blame the Americans for a more cautious approach to player funding this year.

Brendan Rodgers was announced as new manager of liverpool on 1st June 2012. Rodgers has taken a more cautious approach to player acquisition for two reasons.

1. He has little money available
2. He's new in the position and slowly rebuilding

I welcomed Rodgers appointment as Liverpool manager. I felt he was exactly what the club needed. Many of my friends (fellow Liverpool supporters) disagreed. they wanted Rafa back. In honesty, Rafa was a spent force at Liverpool. His teams were dire. The team play was pedestrian. Results were poor. Rafa's rotation policy was incomprehensible. I was pleased when he was shown the exit.

My friends felt it was wrong to sack King Kenny. "He needed more time." It got boring the number of times I heard that feeble rant. Let's accept it. King Kenny was past his sell by date. He was no longer King.

I have watched a number of games under the tutelage and organization of Brendan Rodgers, and I have been impressed. The game play, possession, movement, countering, pressing when possession is lost, have all been wonderful to watch.

Liverpool have at times playing lovely flowing, passing football. They certainly had the measure of Man City, the Premier League  Champions. Only a senseless back pass by Martin Skrtl allowed Man City to level the game.

Against Man United, Liverpool should have had a draw. A silly mistake cost them
a red card and at least 1 point. Jonjo Shelvey, misbehaved. End-Of-Story. That cost Liverpool. Man Utd were not the better side.

Liverpool are NOT scoring goals. At least, not enough goals.

Arsenal and Swansea both thumped Liverpool. Liverpool underperformed.

In the next few games, Liverpool regrouped and played some lovely football, which they have been doing all season. It's a new system for the palyers, and it will take time for them to bed in.

Players, especially in English/Scottish/Welsh leagues, will thump the ball 'long' (upfield), if they got the chance.

This method is totally against Brendan Rodgers fooballing philosophy. Rodgers wants to play pure, possession, pressing football. Its a wonderful concept. It is the Barca style of play.

I cannot wait for the Rodgers revolusion to produce effects. Liverpool have alread started to benefit from rodgers vision and style of game play. This weekend Liverpool played Newcastle, a top-5 team. Liverpool for most of the game, totally outplayed Newcastle. Liverpool had 69% possession by end of game.

Liverpool do have short-falls. That was evident in the Newcastle game. Liverpool relied too much on Suarez. Liverpool need 2 strikers to aid Suarez. Borini is out of service for several months, with a broken foot.

That leaves... Suarez.

Liverpool need more firepower. That along with a few tweeks.