Consumer Con

Giant supermarkets and corporates abuse their clients, mislead, and confuse them. The general public at large have no idea and march like lemmings over the edge.

I find it irksome that large supermarket chains mislead customers on a daily/weekly/monthly basis.

Most customers don't bother to read package labels. Suckers.

Recently a family member bought hummus from a large corporate chain here in the UK. The package info is misleading. It proudly declares in large bold caps: "Extra Virgin Olive Oil Hummus".

Here's the rub... Extra Virgin Olive Oil constitutes 4%. The other oil is rapeseed oil. duh!

So all the trendy housewives that shop at M&S and pay a premium for their "superior" products, end up eating crap.

Rapeseed oil is possibly the worst oil you could consume. I would think twice before putting in my engine let alone in my mouth.

This is standard corporate practice. They don't give a damn. The imperative is profit. This goes on all the time. Corporates fleece the unwary at every opportunity. Mobile phone operators never contact you to advise they have a cheaper phone plan.

Unfortunately the lower a corporate sinks, into the depths of inhuman depravity, the rest must follow in order to match the profits of their competitors.

When US corporations exported manufacturing to East Asian sweat shops, the bottom line swelled, like pot bellied pigs. As more corporations followed suit, profits surged, and as a consequence, jobs were lost in the West. Cheap labour, cut costs and boosted profits. Other manufacturers had little choice, but to follow suit.

That was the start. All other possibilities were investigated to maximize profits. That includes duping consumers into believing they are buying "Extra Virgin Olive Oil Hummus".

But that's the thin edge of the wedge.

Consumerism is about sales and profit. If the consumer stops buying, the economy stalls, lay-offs and closures soon follow. Then recession, and bankruptcy soon after.

The system sucks.

But its way better than communism!