Back Off - I'm In Ketosis

Burn Baby Burn

f you ever fasted for a day or two or three or four or more, you'll know ketosis by experience rather than concept. If you run a marathon and not taken a sugar drink during your run, you will have experienced ketosis. In running circles this is known as "hitting the wall".

What is Ketosis?

Ketosis occurs when the stored glycogen in muscles and in the liver is depleted, along with any glucose sitting in your blood stream.

The body backup system or fuel reserve is the fatty tissue hanging off your gut or your butt. Commonly known as fat-ass or belly-tire.

A small amount of sugar in the form of glucose sits in the blood stream. This can be used up pretty quickly. The next available source of blood sugar is the liver. The liver stores glycogen to ensure blood sugar levels are maintained. Once liver glycogen (sugar store)  are exhausted, the body switches to burning body fat (fatty acids) as a fuel.

The pain normally associated with switching over from burning blood sugar to  burning body fat is colloquially known as 'hitting the wall'. One side effect of burning fatty acids, initially is bad breath (halitosis). The second side effect initially is low energy levels. (Did ya pass out when ya stood up?) All those who said yes stand up!

When the body burns fat stores for energy, instead of blood sugar it produces bad breath. The bad breath normally lasts for a week or two.

So if your on a weight-loss diet, chew gum, use a mouth wash, or a breath freshener.