Mature Cheddar

Hard Cheese

A few weeks back I watched Simply Italian on Channel 4. A cooking programme, hosted by Michela Chiappa. She showed how to make pasta (not much interest) and then continued to prepare the rest of the Italian dish. To finish, she topped the dish with grated Parmesan Cheese.

Michela suggested if you didn't have Parmesan or couldn't afford it, you could use Cheddar. She explained her Grandmother would leave Cheddar stand for about three weeks till it was hard and dry, to use as a replacement for Parmesan. Parmesan is so damned expensive,

I bought some mature Cheddar, removed the wrapper, stood on a plate in the cupboard and left it. I tasted the Cheddar after three days. Wow. Awesome.

If you're a cheese lover, you need to try this.

Leaving the Cheddar stand, enhances the cheese flavour. It gets stronger and richer. Totally amazing.

My first attempt lasted three days. I couldn't stop eating it. Second attempt lasted five days. Again, it was too tasty. My third attempt is now at seven days, but I keep sneaking bits to sample.

Leave the cheese on a plate, exposed to the air. The cheese will 'sweat' a little. Mop it up with kitchen towel.

According to Michela, after three weeks it should be hard enough and dry enough to grate on your favourite dish. Wonderful.