Chickens are wonderful creatures. I love to eat chicken. I love to eat eggs. Chickens make the world a better place. I love them.

The domestic chicken was derived from the Red Jungle Fowl, a wild bird originating in Asia.

There's a great charity here in the UK helping to rehabilitate freed commercial battery hens. After a period of enforced egg-laying, some are freed. The charity finds homes for the girls, who make wonderful pets.

When the chickens are liberated from the egg-factory prison, they are invariably undernourished, atrophied with loss of plumage. It takes a few weeks for the chickens to get back to full health, re-grow their feathers and start laying naturally again.

Chickens will keep your lawn free of bugs as they feed on them, and as a bonus you'll get one or two eggs a day. Don't ya wish your other pets were as generous.

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