Fear As A Sales Tool

Be Frightened

Fear is powerful. Fear works. Fear is a sales tool. Unlike other mammals, humans are a frightened species. We fear death. We fear loss. We fear ageing. We fear poverty. We fear disease. (Cancer, Dementia, Diabetes, Alzheimer's). We fear unemployment. Homo Sapiens fear much.
Others in the animal realm don't have that problem. Elephants age gracefully, then head off to the Elephants Graveyard when their time has come. Lions fade with age and die. Cheetahs slow and accept their fate.

Mammals can survive for long periods without food. Days, weeks, months. Water is essential for survival. Mammals can live without water for around 3 days. Beyond that, they're in trouble.

In the intense heat of the African savannah, zebra's go to the water hole to drink. Alligators hide immersed below the water line. The alligator leaps and bites a zebra taking its drink. Adjacent zebras leap back and watch as the alligator drags its helpless prey into the water. Startled at first, they watch then wander off. In time they return to the same water-hole to drink again.

Are they stupid?

Evolution says otherwise. Zebras survived millions of years, and continue to prosper. On the other hand, modern man (homo sapiens sapiens) is riddled with fear. Judging on the fear scale, humans sit at the top end of the scale.

How come?

Animals live by their instincts. Modern humans, living in an urban environment, have lost touch with human instinct. Humans no longer know which way is up, but can tell ya how much slack is left on their credit card to buy shoes, clothes, phones, laptops, or handbags.

This is a world away from the reality of life. Life is composed of both the dark and the light. The good and the bad. The Toaist knew this when they formulated their Yin/Yang theory.

On the dark side of life...

You may die!
You may lose your job!
You may get fat!
You may get lung cancer!
You may have an auto accident!
You may lose your partner
You may lose your car
You may lose your house
You may lose your income

Fear sells.

We are frightened, fearful. Marketers have known this for years and exploited every opportunity.

IBM used fear to sell it's hardware in the 60s and 70s.

Microsoft used fear to peddle it's wares in the 80s and 90s and continues to do so today.

The techniques were known as known as FUD marketing. Fear - Uncertainty - Doubt.

Human creatures, like all living organisms, react instinctively to fear. The threat of extinction is such a powerful emotion. The drive for survival is so deep rooted in every organism. Survival is intrinsic to every life form. All life forms fight and struggle to live.

If you postulate a threat to an entity, even vaguely, you can peddle a solution to counter the threat. Most humans are so frightened of loss, they will gravitate to a tenuous solution. Even a solution not fully tested and proven. Fear is the key.

Snake oil anyone?