Veg Oils

They Do What?

I don't do a lot of science reading, but occasionally I dig around Science Daily for bits of info, mainly related to Anthropology which interests me.
I came across this article on the Science Daily website which kinda threw me.

Here's an extract:

Philip Jessop, Canada Research Chair in Green Chemistry, has created a solvent that -- when combined with carbon dioxide -- extracts oil from soybeans. Industries currently make cooking oils using hexane, a cheap, flammable solvent that is a neurotoxin and creates smog. The process also involves distillation, which uses large amounts of energy.

These guys are thinking energy conservation. I'm thinking health issues.

So lets get this straight. Industrial production of vegetable oils use a flammable solvent that's a known neurotoxin in their production?

Neurotoxins deactivate nerves or disrupt the way nerves work. Neurotoxins can be lethal in small doses. Commonly found in snake venom and poisons produced by animals and insects. 

You have to ask the question. Why do this? 

Did someone say profit?

I don't use vegetable oils for cooking. I stopped using them a long time ago, for other reasons. I have long understood that veg oils are not well assimilated in the body. Your better off with butter, fat, lard, or olive oil. 

I use olive oil in salads and occasionally for cooking. Olive oil is not a vegetable oil. Olives are fruits. There's an ongoing debate about the suitability of olive oil for cooking due to its smoke point. Compared to other oils, it has a low smoke point.

Olives are fruits because:
  • It's the ripened ovary of the plant which contains the seed. 
  • It contains the seed of the plant
  • It grows on trees.
Vegetables do not grow on trees. 

Coming back to the original thrust of this post. Why would anyone use a neurotoxin in food production?

Vegetable oils are used in countless commercially produced food products. Corn chips, potato chips, pizza, bread, cake, pastries, cookies, biscuits, chocolate, and more and more.

Most food products made in a factory will contain some vegetable oil as an ingredient. Are you eating neurotoxins tonight?

Food for thought!